New World Order Remix
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Rapper and Artist, MESUS, Releases a “New World Order Remix” as an Homage Only Hours After the Original — Could We See a New Trend of Calling Out the New World Order?

What looks like another trend in the indie rap game much like “Let’s Go Brandon” was, MESUS releases a remix of “New World Order” hours after the original by Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun. MESUS brings his typical original style that we all know and love to the track. This is going to be touch to judge which one is best, or you could do what I do and simply like them both.

The respect between all of these independent rappers and artists is real. Here’s what MESUS had to say about the song on YouTube.

Mesus New World Order Remix

I look forward to the possible future trend of calling out the New World Order, Build Back Better and Great Reset agenda. I’m sure many out there agree that we aren’t all about the “You Will Own Nothing and You Will Be Happy” prophecy of the World Economic Forum.

Anyway, since you came here for the remix track, go ahead and listen to it in all its glory.

I love the difference in style from the original. MESUS brings his hard edge a slick flow to the beat and the track completely changes. Keep them coming.

Like one more than the other? Let us know below or start a topic in the forums.

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