New World Order
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“New World Order” by Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun Hits Hard on Every Political, Racial and Gender Topic in the News Without Apology

Many, including myself, have questioned Tom MacDonald’s politics and if he’s being controversial just to be controversial. As Topher says in his track “Dear Tom,” are you really about it or do you just rap about it to make money? I mean, his music and the points he makes are usually on point, but would he stand there and fight with Patriots to save the nation?

Well, now that Tom MacDonald has stepped into Adam Calhoun’s world, it’s possible he’s more real than he’s previously been given credit for. As many who follow Calhoun know, he’s one of the most real artists out there today.

“New World Order” tackles pretty much every topic that’s bothering the regular American Patriot today. You know the topics. The blaming of white people, killing of the unborn and corrupt ass politicians causing most of the problems we have today all see strong bars in the track. Listen and watch for yourself now.

“Call a Dad a deadbeat for neglecting his boys, but a Mom kills a baby and you call it pro-choice.”

– Tom MacDonald

Keep it up, Tom. Doing more with other artists who keep it real will help people know you are really about the things you write and rap about. Great track to both of you guys. I see all the time how being a voice for those of us with the same views really helps to remind us we aren’t alone, even when the world wants us to feel that way.

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