NYPD arrest 9-year-old
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The NYPD arrested a 9-year-old girl for the terrible crime of entering New York City’s Museum of Natural History without a vaccine passport. New York has sunk to an all time low. The group of anti-vax mandate and anti-vax passport protestors were arrested on Wednesday

The group of 6 protestors, which included 9-year-old Jayla, had a reservation to be at the museum; however, security refused to allow the group to enter the building without showing their papers.

Video shows a sobbing 9-year-old Jayla being escorted out of the museum on Wednesday night 

The NYPD is harassing people who simply want freedom rather than doing anything about the soaring crime that is occurring in the city and their woke DA Alvin Bragg’s progressive new policies.

One of those crimes was against Deloitte employee Michelle Go who was pushed to her death in front of a subway train. The same day of the protestors’ arrests 11 month-old Catherine Gomez was shot in the face in the Bronx while she sat in a parked car next to her mom Miraida Gomez. No arrests have been made. 

New NYPD statistics reveal serious crimes are only increasing under Mayor Eric Adams. He has dismissed concern over subway incidents as simply a “perception of fear.”

Major crimes have jumped by more than a 3rd in the first two weeks of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021. Transit crimes have soared a whopping 65.5%.

But I suppose an unvaccinated child is much worse than pushing a woman in front of a train to the NYPD.

NYPD Arrests 9-Year-Old Girl For Not Having A Vaccine Passport 1

One of the protestors, Joy, spoke up while demonstrating the unconstitutional vaccine mandates that still exist in the cesspool that is New York, “We should be able to, as New York City residents, to access the amenities and the services that this city holds because I pay taxes.”

“I should be allowed to access this, but I’m not allowed to,” she added. “It’s Jim Crow all over again.”

Another protester, Mike, said he has been going to the museum since he was a child, “It’s hard to process being kept out, as someone who worked for museum security for nine years at the MET, it twists my mind into knots and my heart as well that we’re at this point in history.”

How did a simple passport mandate protest escalate to the point of NYPD arresting a child?

An argument between the protestors, security, and museum officials started and turned into a shoving match over one of the protestors being denied access to a restroom.

Mitchell Bosch, one of the protestors who has taken part in several recent anti-mandate stunts throughout the city, yelled at the guards: ‘I’ll take on all of you! You’ll have to drag me out.’

Bosch later laid down on the floor and presented museum staffers with an ultimatum: either they let him and the group visit the museum, ‘or you call the police. That is the line. There is no negotiating.’ 

NYPD officers were then called to remove the protesters from the museum. 

Video shows the men, women and 9-year-old Jayla being escorted by cops, who are heckled by bystanders and slammed as ‘f***ing cowards.’

One onlooker could be heard in the background telling the police officers that they are ‘traumatizing a little child.’ 

Jayla and her mother were later released from jail.


This isn’t the only anti-mandate protest that has taken place or is planned. On January 23 a Defeat the Mandates protest is scheduled to take place in Washington, D.C

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