Taiwan Government Admits More Die After COVID Vaccinations Than Before

Taiwan Government

Taiwan Government Admits That The Number of Taiwanese Dying Are Now Higher After COVID Vaccinations Than They Were Before the Vaccinations Started

This information comes directly from the Taiwan government. As of Monday October 11th, 2021, deaths after vaccination surpassed 865 while deaths directly related to the virus sits at 845. The data shows the AstraZeneca and Moderna vaccines see the highest number of those who die afterwards.

The Taiwan population has surpassed 60% with at least 1 dose of a vaccine. This information comes shortly after the government of Taiwan announced they would push for lower restrictions if the population reached 70% vaccinated. It’s unknown if they mean fully vaccinated or simply having 1 dose, but is this something they should still try to achieve after seeing the data?

We can’t say for sure yet that the “vaccines” are causing the deaths, but it is enough to question whether or not the vaccinations even work at all. The spin will likely be that the virus is mutating and that’s why more die even after receiving the vaccine. We’d ask whether it’s the “vaccines” creating the mutations and even causing ADE, or Antibody-Dependent Enhancement.

Here’s a direct clip from China in Focus that covers the data in detail. (Updated with our Odysee embed since YouTube removed the video)

What’s kind of ironic about all this is the fact that Taiwan pushed back against receiving the Chinese vaccinations and begged for supplies from the US and the West. This was presumably because they didn’t trust the Chinese. Why would they? In the end, however, it looks like it might not have made much of a difference, but who knows. All we can do now is wait and see.

Taiwan Government

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