China Glide Tech
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The Technology Allowing for the Hypersonic Nuclear-Capable Missile to Circle the Globe is Called “Glide” Technology and the U.S. Military Seemed Surprised by China’s Capabilities

We’re just hearing now that the Chinese military launched a globe-circling hypersonic nuclear-capable missile back in August of 2021. By using new “glide” technology, China was able to successfully launch a missile using their ‘Long March’ rocket and then have it travel in low-Earth orbit under its own momentum around the globe. The missile apparently came within 25 mile of its target.

This technology takes ICBM tech to a whole new level. Using “glide” tech allows for global targets with less fuel needed albeit at a slightly slower speed. ICBM technology allows missiles to reach 7km/s where as “glide” allows for speeds up to 5km/s, but also allows for mid-flight change of direction. This makes tracking much tougher.

The Financial Times is reporting that several military officials were “stunned” by this event. I doubt they were stunned by the technology, however, as the U.S. and Russia have already been working on this technology and others like it. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were simply stunned due to underestimating the CCP, as they seem to do publicly.

This news come after information released on the expanding of China’s missile silo field. U.S. intelligence has known for years that the Chinese use a massive desert to try and hide their missile silos. In June, reports showed that silo field under construction with many more silos (maybe 110) being built. This adds to another field found in the neighboring province of Gansu that looks to hold about 120 other silos.

China Missile Field
Satellite Image of Desert Missile Silo Field in China

The CCP has also been building up its military might on man-made islands in the South China Sea where more missile silos and other military equipment can be seen by satellite. These islands have been dubbed the “Great Wall of Sand” by the former Pacific Fleet Commander Admiral Harry Harris. Since then, the islands have grown and added even more military presence.

Maybe instead of worrying over those not getting the jab, white guilt or how woke our service members are, our military should focus more on real threats. And by real threats, we don’t mean children sitting in a car in Afghanistan.

Keep it here for news on this topic and others. Let us know your thoughts below.

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