Pfizer Whistleblower Covid Vaccine Glowing
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Melissa Strickler (McAtee?), Pfizer Whistleblower Who Leaked Emails to Project Veritas on Fetal Cells and the COVID Vaccines, Now Goes Further with Information on the Glowing Aspects of the Jab

Melissa recently went public and leaked insider emails to Project Veritas showing Pfizer executives who wanted to hide the vaccine’s use of aborted fetal cells. This was part of a multi-part video series from Project Veritas exposing the jab. Now, she tells LifeSite that the company’s jab includes possible toxic chemicals due to its glowing attributes. This “glow,” as Melissa states, can only be caused by either SM-102 (Luciferase) or Graphene Oxide.

Luciferase is chemical in fireflies, fish and plants that allow them to glow. Most glow green, but some have a blueish glow and is what the jab’s glow color is, per Melissa. Graphene Oxide is another toxic chemical based on Graphite. Neither chemical is listed on the list of ingredients used in the “vaccine.” If either one is used, that would just be one more cover-up being done at Pfizer.

The interview goes through the previously leaked emails and fetal cell use before getting into the glowing characteristics of the “vaccine.” If you want to get straight to the topic of the COVID Vaccine glowing, that starts at about the 18:50 mark.

Melissa was fired from Pfizer shortly after the Project Veritas video was aired. A recording of the firing was also released. Oddly enough, her boss and even HR were not the ones who fired her; only someone from the Security Corporate Office.

You can give to her GiveSendGo if you’d like to support her.

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