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UPDATED: Project Veritas Exposes Jab Hypocrisy 1
UPDATED: Project Veritas Exposes Jab Hypocrisy 2
UPDATED: Project Veritas Exposes Jab Hypocrisy 3


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UPDATED: Project Veritas Exposes Jab Hypocrisy

UPDATED: Project Veritas Exposes Jab Hypocrisy
Post Sponsor: Five CBD | ReliefUPDATED: Project Veritas Exposes Jab Hypocrisy 4

Over the past few weeks Project Veritas exposes Covid jab hypocrisy throughout the medical and pharmaceutical world.

UPDATED 10/06/2021: The newest Project Veritas video exposing Pfizer and their use of aborted fetal cells is added to our list.

Original: 10/05/2021

James O’Keefe and the Project Veritas crew have done an amazing job exposing the wrongs in the world that many have been blinded to. Recently, the Covid mandates have riled up a lot of people including those in states that are now mandating the jab in order to continue working and earning a living to take care of their families.

Fauci, the Biden administration, the Pfizer CEO, and so many others have been pushing these jabs and boosters, even for our children, harder than anything else they’ve worked on since President Trump left office.

Have you tried sharing these videos on Facebook? Twitter? Or any other mainstream social media site? We have. Want to know what happens? Facebook removes them. They deem them to be “misinformation”. How is video proof of these doctors, and nurses talking about not reporting jab injuries to the Vaers system misinformation? How is video proof of Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson scientists discussing the fact that antibodies from having Covid are more protection than the jab. Or the fact that the scientists who work for these companies stress that kids should NOT get the jab.

Pfizer scientist admits that ‘Your Antibodies are Probably BETTER Than the Vaccination’.

But they want to make your life so unbearable you cave and just get the jab so that they can keep getting the billions from the government.

The left seems to be melting down as Project Veritas continues to find more and more proof that everything being shoved down our throats is wrong.

Project veritas exposes

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UPDATED: Project Veritas Exposes Jab Hypocrisy 5
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