Major Crisis At The Border: Border Czar, Kamala Harris, Tosses Coin At Howard-Hampton Football Game Instead Of Addressing The Invasion 1
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Texas is facing a major crisis at the border. It’s estimated that nearly 15,000 illegal immigrants, most from Haiti, are under the Anzalduas Bridge waiting for the Border Patrol agents to process them.

The former vice president, Joe Biden, put Kamala Harris in charge of the border. She is supposed to be the “border czar”. We know how important that is to her. She fought tooth and nail to even go to a Texas town this summer.

Crisis At The Border

Is she doing anything about the current crisis at the border? No. She led the coin toss at the Hampton vs. Howard football game on Saturday instead. While she tossed that coin, this was the scene in the Rio Grande River near Del Rio.

The city of Del Rio has been affected the hardest by this invasion of illegal immigrants. Governor Greg Abbott decided to take matters into his own hands since Harris and Biden will do nothing to help. He has deployed troopers from the Department of Public Safety and the National Guard to stop the illegal immigrants from crossing the border at Del Rio.

Mexican authorities are helping get the masses of illegals through Mexico by escorting busses full of the illegals to the Texas border and the Biden administration is welcoming the scourge with open arms.

“This situation has completely spiraled out of control,” Fox News’s Bill Melugin reported on Saturday while in Del Rio, Texas, showing hundreds of migrants crossing the Rio Grande into the U.S. “We got here two days ago. It has only gotten significantly worse. Honestly, it’s just stunning to witness what we’re watching here on this river because we’ve been here for two hours now, almost two hours, and this line of people hasn’t stopped.”

We all know how the Biden administration feels about illegal immigrants who converge on the overwhelmed southern border. Remember when he planned $86 million dollars to go to illegal immigrants while having the National Guard sleep in a parking garage and homeless veterans still sleep on the streets.

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