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$86 Million Dollars Going To Illegal Immigrants 4
$86 Million Dollars Going To Illegal Immigrants 5
$86 Million Dollars Going To Illegal Immigrants 6


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$86 Million Dollars Going To Illegal Immigrants

$86 Million Dollars Going To Illegal Immigrants
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$86 million dollars going to illegal immigrants thanks to Biden administration after having Nation Guard sleep in a parking garage and homeless veterans still sleep on the streets.

On March 21 it was announced that US Immigration and Customs Enforcement have secured an $89.6 million contract with Texas nonprofit, Endeavors, to shelter Central American migrants in hotel rooms while the feds process a massive backlog of new arrivals at the border, according to the agency and reports.

$86 Million Dollars Going To Illegal Immigrants 1
$86 Million Dollars Going To Illegal Immigrants | Photo from BlazingCatFur

42% of families were expelled to Mexico last month — down from 64% in January and 91% in October, according to the data. More than 13,000 family members who crossed the U.S. border illegally have been allowed into the country since the start of January, many released into border communities.

The families will be put up in hotels close to the border, including in Texas and Arizona, under the deal, which is set to run six months but could be extended, Axios reported.

A report came out not long ago of an illegal alien being interviewed, admitting that he wouldn’t have tried crossing the border during Trumps administration.

This administration was quick to offer support to bus migrants out of the border facilities and into the US, even without their court dates.

“If families are going to be deported and they’re awaiting deportation, they don’t need a court date and they don’t need a notice to appear because it has already been determined that they will be sent back to their home countries,”  White House press secretary Jen Psaki said. “Sometimes that takes a minute to ensure there is proper transportation and steps in place to do that.”

Isn’t it great how the Biden/Harris administration is just letting the migrants into the US without their court dates or properly vetting them? Isn’t it great how they’re giving $86,000,000 to house the illegal aliens who are storming our borders?

Yet, on when the National Guard was called up to Washington, D.C. for the “Storming of the Capitol” they were told to sleep in cold parking garages.

$86 Million Dollars Going To Illegal Immigrants 2

“We feel incredibly betrayed,” a Guardsman said. “Yesterday dozens of senators and congressmen walked down our lines taking photos, shaking our hands and thanking us for our service. Within 24 hours, they had no further use for us and banished us to the corner of a parking garage.”

While the new administration was quick to help out those who are illegally crossing the border, they banished the National Guard to a freezing cold parking garage. The night they were sent the temperatures in D.C. dipped into the 40’s. President Trump opened up Trump Hotel for the service men and women.

But of course Biden’s wife, Jill, gave them chocolate chip cookies. So that made things okay.

If the fact that the administration banished our military service members to the parking garage while spending $86,000,000 to house illegal aliens crossing the border, what about our veterans who are still sleeping on the streets? Yes, I’m talking about our homeless veterans. The heroes who fought for our country and were left to their own devices after being discharged. Our forgotten patriots.

According to estimates, over 40,000 veterans are homeless on any given night and that’s a major problem that the country is currently trying to address. Veterans account for 11% of homeless adults in the US with Nancy Pelosi’s state, California, leading the way in veteran homelessness.

While the homelessness of our forgotten patriots has been decreasing, it’s still not over. Yet the current administration is focusing on finding homes and shelter for those who cross our southern border illegally.

Not only are they releasing these people without court dates and housing them, but they are also releasing people who have tested positive for Covid-19.

Felipe Romero, a spokesman for Brownsville, Texas, said 185 migrants rapid-tested at the city’s main bus station showed they were infected with COVID-19, ​up from the 108 who tested positive last month, Fox News reported.

Rather than focusing on taking care of the entire world, we need to focus on taking care of ourselves and those who have sacrificed for our country. Our national guardsmen should not have been forced into a cramped parking garage by the very people who called them up because of patriots getting fed up with the hypocrisy and infringing on their rights.

Our veterans should not be forgotten and left to live and die on the streets. Our resources that are going towards helping the migrant crisis need to be diverted to helping our veterans. Why have we forgotten our patriots once they are no longer of use to the country? Why have so many turned their backs on those who are brave enough to fight and even risk death to ensure the rights that liberals and Democrats are taking away remain intact?

$86 Million Dollars Going To Illegal Immigrants 3

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$86 Million Dollars Going To Illegal Immigrants 8
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