Gateway School Board
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On Monday night, September 20th, the Gateway school board held a meeting that was going to possibly change the future of the school system by voting on when to start drawing up plans for a full time Equity Director position.

Like many schools, this is a very controversial topic as equity comes from Critical Race Theory. The school board HAS voted to ban any CRT from their curriculum, but unfortunately, the application of CRT is still being pushed through with an Equity Director.

This school board has a very controversial past with allegations of corruption and back door deals. One of these deals involves pushing for a specific candidate for the equity director position before it has even been voted on. There’s roughly 4 of the 9 members who are leftist/progressives with a couple of others who aren’t set in their beliefs. This is allowing CRT to slowly creep into the school system.

Watching the video, you’ll see that this meeting never gets off to a start. Before ever getting to the pledge of allegiance, the school board adjourns over people not wearing masks. This leads to a parent acting tough and looking to use violence… against someone not wearing a mask.

That resident will probably never even be disciplined.

We had someone from our organization on site and the masks were not an issue from 6:30PM up until the meeting was started late at around 7:25PM. Many of the board members and parents were not wearing masks and speaking to one another much closer than 6 feet apart.

Equity - BLM Macintyre

It seems once the recording started and the board members were all on stage, all of a sudden the masks were an issue. A board member even made sure to remind people of the mask mandate set only by the PA Health Department, since the emergency powers were removed from the governor, Tom Wolf.

Afterwards, the parking lot was full of arguments back and forth about masks and vaccines. The country is divided and digging at each others’ necks.

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