GOP Missouri Representative Suggests Lincoln Memorial Should Come Down

Lincoln Memorial

GOP Representative Tony Lovasco of Missouri Joins in the Cancel Culture Race and Suggests the Lincoln Memorial Should Come Down Now That Robert E. Lee’s Has Because Neither Were ‘Honorable’ Men

Representative Tony Lovasco said on Twitter that “if we insist on tearing down statues of reprehensible people, let’s at least be fair and balanced about it.” What the representative doesn’t seem to understand is that fact that we shouldn’t be tearing anything down. We shouldn’t try and “one up” each other. Otherwise, this will never end.

His statement came as a response to Robert E. Lee’s statue removal.

Representative Lovasco continued on Twitter, “it’s unfortunate how many people think saying ‘Lincoln was reprehensible’ equals some kind of support for the Confederacy, especially given the context of my tweet.” He continued, “it’s quite possible to point out that neither Lincoln nor Lee were good people deserving of honor.”

The problem with this is if you pick out anything bad about a person and base their honorability solely on that one bad thing, there won’t be anyone to honor.

Lincoln Memorial

The representative continued to say that, “I made a mostly sarcastic comment about it to make the point that while Lee may have been a terrible person (and should be condemned as such), Lincoln was no hero.”

Again, no person is perfect. We are all human.

Even though Representative Lovasco did say this wasn’t an official call for the removal, as a Representative making any such statement, it’s usually seen as more than just a simple though or conversation starter. If the 45th President, President Trump, was always being watched for what he said, it’s only fair to apply the same rule book to this government official.

See what I did there, representative? It’s “only fair.” Correct?

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