Surgeon General Expects Joe Biden to Make Harsher Vaccine Mandates Before Meeting with UN on Tuesday

Vivek Murthy

The Current Vaccine Mandates on Employers and Federal Workers Are Not the End of the Tyrannical Edicts

The former Vice President, Joe Biden, will meet with the U.N. on Tuesday, September 14th. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy said today that he expects “new steps to slow the spread,” which means more mandates, edicts and tyrannical rules to control you. He added that “we’re not done yet.”

The Surgeon General told CNN that “there will be more actions that we continue to work on, especially in the global front.”

This comes after the former Vice President just enacted edicts on businesses and employers with one hundred or more employees to vaccinate everyone or else pay a large fine of $14,000 per incident. Biden also said all federal employees must be vaccinated as well. Oh, except for those in the postal service (that’s 600,000 employees, FYI) or anyone in Congress or their staff.

Vaccine Mandates - Vivek Murthy

The time to stand up, speak out and fight against this is now before it crosses a line we cannot come back from.

If you are vaccinated, fine. Just don’t allow it to become enforced because who knows where this goes. Are you using the government for something? Medicare or Medicaid? Those can be gone if you don’t keep up with every booster and Covid pill.

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