George W. Bush Compares January 6th Protestors to September 11th Terrorists

George Bush 911

Without Even A Flinch, the 43rd President of the United States Compared January 6th Protestors at the Capital to the September 11th Terrorists

George W. Bush came out hard against the Capital protestors during his September 11th speech. He first made sure to remind everyone that their current “safety” measures are there as a reminder. You know like the Patriot Act that has nothing to do with patriotism and has everything to do with surveillance and control.

You’ll hear him say that the people on January 6th are “children of the same foul spirit” as those who flew airplanes into the World Trade Center. You can’t make this stuff up anymore.

See it for yourself in the video.

We are officially past clown world and into full on Joker world when a mass killer and authoritarian like Bush can make these kinds of comparisons. The escalations continue to increase.

September 11th January 6th

The Taliban are being re-armed by Joey Biden, and now you have Georgie Bush announcing how we need to redirect the war on terror towards January 6th protestors…

Shit is about to hit the fan.

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