Sweden Bans Travel From Israel, the Most Vaccinated Country on Earth

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Israel is the Most Vaccinated Country on Earth Among Adults, but Has Some of the Highest Case Numbers, so Sweden Bans Travel From the Country

Case numbers shouldn’t really matter, but since we are playing in “their” world, we’ll use their rules. Sweden must agree, as they are now banning travel from Israel even though they are over 90% vaccinated among the most susceptible and over 80% vaccinated among adults.

Israel is seeing a “record-breaking” rise in COVID-19 cases in the country.

The cases are at a record high, if we can believe the tests after finding out even the CDC admits that the PCR tests aren’t accurate and can even be manipulated easily. When comparing to other countries, there is no denying that their Pfizer vaccinations are not working like they originally said they would.

Sweden Bans Travel from Israel

Israel doesn’t seem to believe that the vaccines don’t work, they just continue to believe the efficacy lowers as time goes on. Boosters are being pushed in the country based on this train of thought. As you can see in the next bit of data, the mainstream narrative is falling apart. This is not a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” as many mainstream media outlets, politicians and TV medical personalities would want you to believe.

More data analysis proves vaccination rates and boosters aren’t doing anything. In fact, it’s likely vaccination rates may even be the culprit when it comes to the spreading and mutating of the virus. This could lead to the reasons why recently 2 FDA regulators resigned. And now, Pfizer is pushing pills to go along with the vaccines.

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