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American country and hip-hop singer Adam Calhoun has stepped foot into the world of fashion with his ACAL Apparel brand.

Adam Calhoun has formed his ACAL Apparel boasting 100% American-made clothing.

Calhoun is an amazing singer/songwriter that we absolutely love here at Offensively Patriotic.

He’s an incredibly patriotic man who is doing everything he can to get the word out about the shit that is going on in this country.

He has no fear of cancel culture and keeps moving forward with what he wants to do. He’s an independent artist who doesn’t have to answer to a record label. He doesn’t have to bend to the PC culture and gives us a reprieve from the cancel culture. He shows us what real people can do when they really put their minds to it.

He’s a breath of offensive fresh air.

We here at Offensively Patriotic love our American gear. Our main go-to was always Grunt Style. They claimed to be American made and they’re veteran-owned. Well, they’re not 100% American-made. Their product is shipped in from out of the country and printed here. So partially American-made. We still love them though. Their designs are awesome and they’re still veteran-owned.

Calhoun’s clothing boasts 100% American-made from production to print. Which we love even more.

We ordered our first shirt of his today so stay tuned for a review on the product itself. In the meantime, head over to ACAL Apparel and get yourself this awesome est. 1776 t-shirt.

Acal Apparel
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