Burden Releases “F Biden” Song, Hits Number 3 so Far on iTunes


Independent Hip-Hop Artist, Burden, Released Song and Video F Biden on August 26th and Has Already Hit Number 3 on the iTunes Top 100 Rap and Hip-Hop Songs of 2021

If you haven’t heard of Burden, he’s a very outspoken independent rapper against many of the atrocities happening in our society. He’s made songs like We the People, Constitution and, my favorite, Riot for Me.

Many are starting to see why the former Vice President of the United States should never have been president and are really connecting with those who already knew that, as can be seen by how quickly this song is moving up the charts.

Burden Releases "F Biden" Song, Hits Number 3 so Far on iTunes 1

Haven’t heard it yet? Here’s your chance to watch and listen. Just keep in mind, the lyrics are explicit in case you have any youngsters around.

Let us know your thoughts on the song, the artist and his opinions below or in the forums. After that, make sure to give some love to Burden and follow and support him. You can support both us and the artist by purchasing his song below.

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