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Is Australia On The Way To Being A Penal Colony Again? 1
Is Australia On The Way To Being A Penal Colony Again? 2
Is Australia On The Way To Being A Penal Colony Again? 3


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Is Australia On The Way To Being A Penal Colony Again?

Is Australia On The Way To Being  A Penal Colony Again?
Post Sponsor: Unstoppable Domains | Building decentralized digital identities for the worldIs Australia On The Way To Being A Penal Colony Again? 4

In 1788, the British founded New South Wales as a penal colony. The area functioned as a prison state for eight decades. According to the BBC about 20% of Australians can trace their roots back to a convict left by the British.

The South Australian government is starting a trial for what could force their citizens to download a government app, take a photo of themselves and report their location within 15 minutes of authorities requesting it otherwise face a police investigation as was first reported in The Atlantic.

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison knows that the burden is too heavy. “This is not a sustainable way to live in this country,” he recently declared. One prominent civil libertarian summed up the rules by lamenting, “We’ve never seen anything like this in our lifetimes.”

“We don’t tell them how often or when, on a random basis they have to reply within 15 minutes,” said Australia Premier Steven Marshall.

government app

If people refuse to report their location or are unable to do so, police are then dispatched to hunt them down.

They will send police to hunt you down. Let the gravity of that statement sink in. If you fail to report you location or you’re not where they want you to be, they are sending armed police to find you.

We’ve seen that Australia police are more than willing to comply with the governments orders. They’ve been pepper spraying children not wearing masks.

They arrested a pregnant woman for a social media post where she expressed the need to proteset the lockdowns. When Zoe and her partner asked what the arrest is about, one officer says: “It’s in relation to a Facebook post, in relation to a lockdown protest you put on just that day.”

We’ve read the story about Australian police shooting every single dog in an animal rescue just so the volunteers wouldn’t go pick up the dogs to care for them while locked down. Think about that, these heartless monsters shot dogs in their cages simply so people wouldn’t pick them up to take care of them.

“The choice for mankind lies between freedom and happiness and for the great bulk of mankind, happiness is better.”

– George Orwell, 1984

So often we find ourselves worrying more about our own personal happiness rather than perserving our and our childrens freedoms. Being controlled by the government as though you still live in a penal colony is not going to make anyone happy.

How was it possible for the Australian government to get such a strong hold on their citizens to the point that they can force you to take photos of yourself or face being hunted by the police? They voluntarily turned in all of their guns.

“For a people who are free, and who mean to remain so, a well organized and armed militia is their best security.” – Thomas Jefferson

We’ve seen the Democrats in our own country try time and time again to restrict our second amendment rights. Places such as Chicago, Washington D.C, New York City, and many cities in California have some of the strictest gun laws in America yet they have some of the highest gun related crimes. It’s almost as though the criminals don’t obey laws.

“There is no justification for taking away individuals’ freedom in the guise of public safety.” – Thomas Jefferson

Australia seems like just another crazy far off country that is enacting draconian laws that we would never see here in America, but it’s not. It’s a country that had democracy for a time. It doesn’t seem to anymore and if we allow the tyrannical government to continue the way it is, we are not far off from our own forced Covid tracking apps.

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”
George Orwell, 1984

We need to forget our own personal happiness for a bit and think about the future. Our children and grandchidren will be dealing the reprecussions of our actions. If we bend to the will of the tyrants who want to control us, our descendents will never know the freedoms that we know. The Constitiuton will be a thing of distant memory and history rather than the rule of the land. That is unacceptable.

Do not comply. Stand up and say no. No more. We stand with those who are fighting back in Australia.

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