US Marine Corporal Discharged for Not Masking or Vaccinating

Marine Corporal Whitney Mchaffie

US Marine Corporal Whitney McHaffie was Discharged for Refusing to Mask and Vaccinate Due to Religious Reasons

Marine Corporal McHaffie said in an interview with that because the facts she has read about the masks not working like people have said that this would mean she would “bear false witness” which goes against the ninth commandment.

The Corporal also went on to explain that the fact that the vaccines were created using fetal cells means that getting vaccinated also goes against her religious beliefs. She was given a General Discharge on July 29th, 2021 in less than a week from the initial warning. This is unusually quick and most criminal discharges take much longer to process through.

marine corporal whitney mchaffie

McHaffie, also an MMA fighter, appeared in a video after being discharged with Josh Mandel who is running for US Senate.

The military has rules and one must abide by those rules, but typically, religious exemptions have always existed. It’s also hard to argue FOR the masks and vaccines when there is so much information against them, as we have reported here, ourselves.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe the Marine should have followed every order when it comes to COVID-19 mandates even if the mandates don’t work? Myself being a former Marine, I can promise you that Marines break illogical rules all the time when they know they are wrong.

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