Truck Carrying Moderna Vaccine Crashes, Prompts Hazmat Cleanup and Restricts Airspace

Truck Carrying Moderna Vaccine Crashes, Prompts Hazmat Cleanup and Restricts Airspace 1

A truck carrying a shipment of Moderna vaccines that was headed to foreign countries as aid crashed near Morgantown, West Virginia on Friday morning. Of course officials would not answer questions.

It took hazmat crews 21 hours to clear the scene after they arrived. The driver of the truck was extracated and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

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The DOD, Department of Defense, ended up taking over the investigation into the accident. How often does the DOD investigate car accidents? And why a full hazmat team to clean up vaccines that are supposedly healthy?

It is being reported that the members of the Monongalia County Hazmet Team were called our to simply cleaneup 50 gallons of oil and anti-freeze at the crash site. It took them 21 hours to clean oil and anti-freeze?

As reported by 12WBOY: “According to a member of the hazardous response team, airspace in the area near the accident is being restricted at this time.”

When looking into the FAA for that time and that area:


Facility: MGW

NOTAM #: 08/015

Class: Airspace

Status: Expired

Issue Date UTC: 08/27/2021 1448

Start Date UTC: 08/27/2021 1448

End Date UTC: 08/28/2021 0001

MGW 08/015 MGW AIRSPACE UAS WI AN AREA DEFINED AS 2NM RADIUS OF 393036N0800013W (7.8NM E 70D) SFC-1220FT AGL 2108271448-2108280001

So why would they need a full hazmat team, the DOD, and closed off airspace for a simple truck crash? It doesn’t seem to make much sense. Is it because of the cargo?

Let’s not forget that Japan recalled 1.6 million doses of the Moderna vaccine due to foreign substances in them. In fact, they are investigating the death of two men who received jabs from batches of Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine suspended from use due to contamination, the health ministry said Saturday. Both men contracted fever after receiving their vaccinations and neither had underlying health conditions or allergic history, the ministry said.

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