Biden Orders Drone Strike, Kills Family 1
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Joe Biden has been bumbling everything since he was installed into his position. The situation in Aghanistan has only been getting worse and worse. He pulled troops before evacuating citizens and destroying anything left behind. He’s responsible for the deaths of 13 servicemen and 60 Afghans after a suicide attack at Kabul airport and Baron Hotel. And now he ordered a drone strike at an apartment which resulted in the death of a family, including 6 children.

“We know that there were substantial and powerful subsequent explosions resulting from the destruction of the vehicle, indicating a large amount of explosive material inside that may have caused additional casualties. It is unclear what may have happened, and we are investigating further,” Capt. Bill Urban, a spokesperson for US Central Command, said in a statement, adding that the US would be “deeply saddened by any potential loss of innocent life.”

Drone strikes in Afghanistan are nothing new. It’s estimated that 4,126 to 10,076 people have been killed in drone strikes since 2004.

According to Yahoo News, US officials said an explosive-filled vehicle was destroyed. Stopping an Islamic State plot to detonate a car bomb at the Kabul airport. Ezmarai Ahmadi claims to be the owner of the vehicle that was blown up in the airstrike.

Drone Strike

When he returned home from work he was greeted by his children, nieces, and nephews who climbed into the car once he had parked.

“The rocket came and hit the car full of kids inside our house,” said Aimal Ahmadi, Ezmarai’s brother. “It killed all of them.” 9 members of the family, including 6 children, were killed in the blast.

Was this innocent family simply casualties of a war that should have been over long ago? Were they casualties to Biden’s pride? Or was someone a terrorist sympathizer who had a car full of explosives? Those are questions that we will never have a truthful answer to. Governments lie. They will continue to cry their innocence while what’s left of this family buries their loved ones.

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