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Dear Joe and Kamala,

What the hell are you two doing to America?

I’m the wife of a Marine Corps veteran. We spent the early years of our relationship apart as he fought for our great country. He traveled the world, going to war zones, to protect the very freedoms that you seem to forget that we have.

Those years were hard. The hardest of my life honestly. Even after we married and I went into labor with our children, he fought for this country. He gave years, blood, sweat, and tears to ensure our freedoms were protected and he had his brothers’ and sisters’ backs.

But the time came and he decided not to reenlist. He wanted to be home with his family. Me. His children. But the Marine Corps still runs deep in his veins. He has a deep love for this country which is infectious. A love that he has passed on to our children. A love that we share.

What are you two doing to America?

We watched in disbelief, shock, and pain as you both completely bumbled pulling out of Afghanistan. We were horrified to learn that you evacuated troops before ensuring American citizens and our allies were safe. We were baffled to learn that $83 BILLION dollars worth of weaponry, vehicles, money and even energy drinks were left behind to build up their army.

Then the attack on Kabul airport and Baron hotel.

You turned your back on those servicemen. Their blood is on your hands.

Kamala, when reporters asked you about it after your lovely week away in Southeast Asia you had the gall to laugh. You laughed. 13 servicemen and 60 Afghan’s died. And you laughed? What kind of Vice President are you that you laugh at the fact 12 Marines and a medic are dead?

Joe, you laughed when your handlers shooed away reporters asking you questions about them. You, the sitting president of the United States, laughed at dead military. What is wrong with you?

You both have turned your backs on the United States.


What are you two doing to America?

Those servicemen returned home today. They arrived at Dover Airforce Base and nobody from your administration was there to greet them. Why weren’t you there to greet their flag-draped caskets? Why weren’t you there to apologize for killing them? Have you called their families to beg forgiveness for your actions? You’ve turned your backs on them.

You did manage to show up while those servicemen went home. You checked your watch. Did you have somewhere more important to be? Were you bored watching the bodies of those you were responsible for killing were sent back to their families? Did you even bother learning who they were? Their blood is on your hands.

Those men and women would not be dead if it weren’t for your incompetence. We, as a nation, would not be mourning the senseless loss of life that we’ve seen.

I look at my husband and I’m so proud of what he’s done. I’m so proud of the man who fought for our country. But I’m glad he’s out. I’m glad he’s safe at home. With me. With our children. Because Mr. President, Madame Vice President, I don’t trust you to keep our military safe.

What have you two done to America?

You’re both a disgrace to the offices that you currently hold. You’re both a disgrace to this country.

We are divided more now than ever, and I blame you. You two have been sowing seeds of hatred from one corner of America to the other for decades.

Neither of you behaves like a president or a vice president should. Neither of you has the capacity to lead this great nation of ours nor the competence. As each day passes you turn the great offices that you both hold into nothing more than a mockery of their former glories.

Our founding fathers fought against the tyrannical British empire to build America and you’ve managed to turn it into the laughing stock of the world in 8 short months. We were a great and powerful country. Then you two bumbling baffoons came along and ended up as the installed administration.

What have you two done to America?

It hurts the hearts of those patriotic to America to watch her slowly fade. We no longer have a president. We have a puppet. We are not a nation of the free and home of the brave. We are a nation in distress because of what you have done.

Because of what all politicians have done.

Patriots far and wide continue to fly their flags. We continue to pray for our country in the hopes that one day she will be returned to her former glory.

Not all of us have forgotten 1776 or how a bunch of farmers with muskets and pitchforks managed to throw out a tyrant.

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