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Investigation: Corruption In Hollywood and DC Part 7: The Clintons 70's - INSLAW 1
Investigation: Corruption In Hollywood and DC Part 7: The Clintons 70's - INSLAW 2
Investigation: Corruption In Hollywood and DC Part 7: The Clintons 70's - INSLAW 3


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Investigation: Corruption In Hollywood and DC Part 7: The Clintons 70’s – INSLAW

Investigation: Corruption In Hollywood and DC Part 7: The Clintons 70’s – INSLAW
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The Clinton name has been around in the political scene for decades. Ever since Bill was Governor of Arkansas in 1979. Unfortunately, they have plagued our great country ever since. Conspiracy theories abound around the family. Which is what we’re going to dive into here today.

Imagine being so evil and vile you could have a pregnant woman murdered. Not just a few weeks pregnant woman, someone who was 7 1/2 months pregnant. One of the first bodies tied to either Clinton happened to be a pregnant woman.

On February 15, 1977, Suzanne Coleman was found shot in the back of her head. Her death was ruled a suicide. She is alleged to have had an affair with Bill Clinton during the time he was Arkansas State Attorney General. No autopsy was performed and there is consequently no scientific proof the baby belonged to Bill Clinton.

The Inslaw scandal started in 1982. Inslaw Inc. is a computer software company based in Washington, DC, owned by William and Nancy Hamilton. Inslaw markets case management software to courts and related justice agencies, to the insurance industry, to large law firms, and to the law departments of corporations. Inslaw’s principal asset is a highly sophisticated software program called PROMIS, a computer program which manages large amounts of information.

The Justice Department withheld payment for the software, and Inslaw went into bankruptcy. Inslaw hired former Attorney General Elliot Richardson as their attorney. Richardson filed a civil suit claiming that Inslaw had been the victim of a conspiracy by the Justice Department.

In 1987, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge George Bason ruled in favor of Inslaw and awarded Hamilton $6.8 million, saying that Justice Department officials “took, converted and stole” PROMIS through “trickery, fraud and deceit.” Judge Bason lived to regret his ruling when his reappointment was denied in a highly unusual move. Bason was replaced with one of the Justice Department lawyers who had argued the Inslaw case.

The Inslaw case had now reached the level of a full government conspiracy.

This will be important later, but for now we will move on. I’m keeping their atrocities in chronological order. Their depravity knows no bounds.


Bill Clinton wins back Goveror seat, murders a few kids and the witnesses

In 1987, after Bill won back the Governor seat in Arkansas, teenagers Kevin Ives & Don Henry were run over by a train after “falling asleep” on the tracks. Dr. Fahmy Malak ruled their deaths an apparent suicide. Malak said that these were “two accidental deaths due to THC intoxication”; THC is a component of marijuana.

Malak’s theory was that the two boys had smoked enough marijuana that they simply fell asleep on the tracks that night before being run over. Local authorities did not question Malak’s findings, but the parents were motivated to conduct their own investigations. On February 26, 1988, five days after the hearing, the cause of the boys’ deaths was changed from “accidental” to “undetermined.” Conspiracy theories tied their deaths to a drug-smuggling scandal at Mena Airport.

 The grand jury ruled their deaths a “probable homicide. Despite the grand jury’s announcement that the boys’ deaths may have been related to drug trafficking, Sheriff Steed refused to allow any funds to aid in the investigation. Steed had also lied about where he had sent the boys’ clothes for examination. Per Leveritt, Steed sent the clothes to the Arkansas State Crime Lab, not to the FBI as he was supposed to do. Steed was not reelected as county sheriff following his involvement with the case.

The focus of the investigations turned toward allegations that their deaths had something to do with drug trafficking. Two days after Steed lost the election, Keith McKaskle, one of Harmon’s informants in the case who was asked by Harmon to take aerial photographs of the crime scene, was murdered. 

On January 22, 1989, twenty-six-year-old Greg Collins, who had been called to testify before the grand jury, died from three shotgun blasts to the face. In addition, just weeks before, Collins’s friend Keith Coney, who was also called to testify to the grand jury, died in a motorcycle accident. By March 1989, another recipient of a subpoena to appear before the grand jury, Daniel “Boonie” Bearden, had disappeared. Another death supposedly connected with the case was that of twenty-one-year-old Jeffrey Edward Rhodes, whose body was found in a landfill in April 1989.

Another witness to the Mena Airport drug smuggling and murders of the young boys was James “Dewey” Milam. Milam’s body was found without the head. In this case, Malak ruled the cause of death to be an ulcer. Although Milam’s head had been clearly severed with a knife, Malak claimed the family pooch had bitten off the head, eaten the entire thing, and then regurgitated it. Malak says he tested the dog’s vomit and found traces of Milam’s brain and skull. Unfortunately for Dr. Malak, Milam’s head was later found. Malak, it turns out, had made up the entire story.

Richard Winters was another witness who was called to testify at the grand jury. He was found shot to death and the murderer attempt to make it look like a robbery.

Keith McKaskle, who was allegedly at the tracks that night, turned over the information he had about the boys’ murders to Richard Garrett deputy prosecutor. Believing he had talked to the wrong people, McKaskle had made his own funeral arrangements, told family and friends goodbye, and within days was stabbed 113 times. 

June 1990, Jordan Kettleson was found shot to death in the front seat of his pickup. He was another person who had information on Ives & Henry’s deaths.

Investigative reporter Danny Casolaro investigate INSLAW, BCCI and Iran-Contra

Remember INSLAW from above? Well Alan Standorf was an employee of the NSA in electronic intelligence. Standorf was one of the sources that Danny Casalro was using when he was investigating INSLAW and BCCI. On January 31, 1991 Standorf was found dead in the backseat of a car at Washington National Airport.

Another attorney with information on INSLAW, Dennis Eisman, was found with a gun shot wound to his chest in a parking garage in Philadelphia on April 5, 1991. His death was ruled a suicide amid reports that he was about to be indicted.

Standorf and Eisman were sources for investigative reporter Danny Casolaro. He was investigating links between BCCI, Iran-Contra, and Inslaw.

The Justice Department started sharing the illegally obtained PROMIS software with other agencies, including intelligence agencies where PROMIS was modified for intelligence purposes and sold to foreign intelligence operations in Israel, Jordan, and other places. Michael Risconsciuto of the Wakenhut security firm has testified that he was contracted to install a “trap door” in the software to allow the CIA to tap into PROMIS software worldwide. It appears that the original petty crimes of the Justice Department have led to the exposure of a sensitive national security operation.

As Casolaro continued his investigation he started to receive death threats. He told his brother, “if there was an accident and he died, not to believe it.” On August 11, 1991, Casolaro was found dead in the bathtub of a hotel room in Martinsburg, Virginia, where he had a meeting with a U.S. Army Special Forces covert intelligence officer.

Following the death of Casolaro, Inslaw Attorney Elliot Richardson called for an investigation. “It’s hard to come up with any reason for his death, other than he was deliberately murdered because he was so close to uncovering sinister elements of what he called “The Octopus,” Richardson said.

The Clinton tie in to INSLAW

On July 12, 1993 Inslaw submitted a 90-page rebuttal of the Bua report to Associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell. The rebuttal offered evidence that the Bua report was false. What Inslaw probably did not know at time, however, was that Webster Hubbell’s and White House Deputy Counsel Vince Foster apparently were linked to both Iran-Contra and Inslaw through two Arkansas companies called Park-on-Meter and Systematics.

The Rose Law Firm represented Systematics, and during that era, its partner Hillary Clinton became something of an expert in the esoteric legal field of intellectual property rights and patent protection, while personally representing the Systematics firm.

We’re not done looking into Bill and Hillary Clinton just yet. Stay tuned for more.

Be sure to check out the first in our investigation pieces.

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