The Left’s Obsession with Children’s Genitals

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The Left’s Obsession

The left seems to have this sick obsession with their genitals and the genitals of children.

It started with the drag queen story hour that so many white, liberals touted as being very accepting despite the fact that it’s come out that it was turning into an over-sexualized strip show for toddlers.

Then we started seeing the “gay” and drag kids come out. Remember Desmond is Amazing? The drag kid whose parents had him dancing in gay bars? And had him on a “talk show” with pedophiles looking awfully drugged up?

Then this unfortunate video came out.

These people have a sick obsession with children’s genitals.

It seems like these parents are confusing their children and brainwashing them for their 15 minutes of fame. I didn’t think it could get much worse, but then I saw something that was equal parts horrifying and disgusting.

The Left's Obsession with Children's Genitals 1

Bitty Bug® soft packer is a custom prosthetic packer in youth sizes, made from soft durable yarn and polyester filling. It is easy to wear pinned to underclothes or tucked in a packing pouch, and can be felt by the wearer without being visible externally (shown in a pair of undies to demonstrate). Silicone prosthetics do not come in sizes appropriate for smaller bodies, and can create unsightly and age-inappropriate shape. The Bitty Bug® is lightweight, comfortable, low maintenance, and can be tossed in the washing machine.

This company is creating knitted penis’s for children. They are knitted prosthetics for kids to wear who think they should have a penis.

This is depth of depravity that has become America. And the world.

Stop projecting your sick ideologies on your children. Let them be kids. Don’t let the disgusting ways of the world infect them yet. Let them be kids.

What does this do to kids? How can pushing this from a young age affect them?

Gender dysphoria is the feeling of discomfort or distress that might occur in people whose gender identity differs from their sex assigned at birth or sex-related physical characteristics.

Transgender and gender-nonconforming people might experience gender dysphoria at some point in their lives.

From the USA Today, “I started my transgender journey as a 4-year-old boy when my grandmother repeatedly, over several years, cross-dressed me in a full-length purple dress she made especially for me and told me how pretty I was as a girl. This planted the seed of gender confusion and led to my transitioning at age 42 to transgender female.”

It seems that the left doesn’t want to address the bigger issue, the mental health portion of gender dysphoria.

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