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Fayette County Pa voting machine "malfunction" 1
Fayette County Pa voting machine "malfunction" 2
Fayette County Pa voting machine "malfunction" 3


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Fayette County Pa voting machine “malfunction”

Fayette County Pa voting machine “malfunction”
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Fayette County Pa voting machines rejecting only Republican votes

May 18 is the date for Pennsylvania’s primary elections. Pennsylvania is a notoriously corrupt state that saw Governor Tom Wolf and AG Josh Shapiro calling the end of vote counting at 10 pm on election night only to have hundreds of thousands of votes show up in favor of Joe Biden despite the fact that President Trump was leading. There were two counties that led the way with the cheating. Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, both Democrat controlled strong holds. The Secretary of State, Kathy Boockvar, passed very unconstitutional rules hours before the election.

She resigned from her position on February 1, 2021.

Fayette County, Pa announced that they were having issues with their voting machines. The machines were only rejecting Republican ballots, according to Chris Varney, Judge of Elections. The Republican ballots are being collected and stored in the back of the voting machines.

Lorie Lamb said her ballot was rejected at the precinct at the Joseph A. Hardy Connellsville Airport.

“I think suspicious after everything that happened with the presidential election,” said Lambie. “I’m a Republican. I went to scan a ballot and it spit it out. I tried three or four times and it kept spitting it out.”

Pittsburgh CBS reported:

Numerous voters have contacted KDKA, reporting that their Republican ballots were not accepted.

The Fayette County Bureau of Elections has confirmed that precincts across the county are having issues with machines not scanning bar codes on all ballots, for both Republicans and Democrats.

Hutchison Elementary School, the polling location for South Union Township’s 3rd voting district, was among those having issues on Tuesday morning.

Chris Varney, Judge of Elections says they were initially under the impression that it was a problem with all ballots, but then determined it was only a problem with Republican ballots.

The Fayette County solicitor said the courts have granted an emergency petition, which means all the ballots that weren’t scanned will be hand-counted by the judge of elections at each individual precinct once the polls close at 8 p.m.

That’s not suspicious at all.

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