Drag Kids And Pedophiles
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LGBTQ…. Plus?

It seems that the big, cool thing is the LGBTQ+ push that is popping up in the main stream. The “plus” part seems to include drag kids and pedophiles.

Apparently June was claimed for “pride” month. Now, that’s pride as long as you’re not straight. No matter where you turn that rainbow is being shoved right down our throats. It’s “woke” to promote the alternative lifestyle to the point of isolating everybody else. In 2017, only 4.5% of the adult population identified as LGBTQ.

That is neither here nor there. A different topic for a different day. As is the fact that the push for the LGBT community in politics is going above and beyond even military and veteran importance.

Drag Kids and Pedophiles

What does LGBTQ have to do with today’s topic? Well, while watching Millennial Millie and Kaitlin Bennett at the pride parades I noticed a few things.

  1. There are a LOT of children at these events.
  2. There are a LOT of overtly sexual innuendos going on. Barely dressed men and women parading around for….well I still haven’t figured out the point of the parades.

One of those kids is someone who calls himself ‘Desmond is Amazing’. How has this kids parents not been arrested for child abuse? Not to mention the other people around him.

A few years ago he appeared in a YouTube video on the Peeew! channel. The channel features Michael Alig and Ernie Glam. What’s special about them? Besides being creepy? Well, Michael Alig was convicted of murder. He chopped up a man and dumped him in a river.

Notice anything on the wall? Take a look at the painting behind them. See that word in green on the bottom right? It says Rohypnol.

Drag Kids And Pedophiles

What is that? A potent sedative drug of the benzodiazepine class. Is this conspiratorial? Maybe. But watch the kid through the episode. I don’t know about you, but he seems high as a freaking kite.

It’s not the only time that he has appeared high or that something very off has been noticed with the kid. There are plenty of examples.

Is this a healthy lifestyle for children? Should we be alright with children being overly sexualized right in front of our faces? Even going so far as to allow very young children to dance provocatively while at a club intended for adults? Yes. This happens. Even going so far as getting money thrown at them.

Do we let them keep airing these things on TV to corrupt other children? This isn’t violent movies we’re talking about here. This is taking children in a reality TV show and sexualizing them to train others as they watch.

The NPC’s of the left will continue to scream that it’s the kids’ “rights” to do as they please. However, let’s take a look beyond the surface. How about we look past the wigs, makeup and provocative dress of these young children. Let’s look at the dangers that we don’t see right away. I’m not talking about the psychological damage that is happening either. I’m talking about the danger that is lurking right beneath the surface.


Pedophilia Being Taught

Those of us who are normal realize that pedophilia is wrong for all of the obvious reasons. However, there are those who see it as just another sexual orientation. They see it as their choice and preference.

What’s bad is this isn’t an isolated incident. It’s only continuing to be pushed into the mainstream.

These are TedX speakers. People who are supposed to be intelligent. Instead, they are spewing off such nonsense.

I’m a mother with two young boys. Perhaps I get extraordinarily angry seeing vitriol spewed about young children because of my love for my sons. Perhaps it’s seeing other parents strip their child of his childhood and innocence to simply gain fame and a few bucks while they have the spotlight that makes me so angry. Or, maybe it’s watching videos of these “experts” claiming that pedophilia is just a sexual orientation. It could also be the victim blaming that makes me so angry.

Schools Confusing Children

These children are being brainwashed into thinking this is what they want or that they’re wrong for not wanting it.

Let’s look at the Oregon teacher who took it upon herself to confuse an 8-year-old boy about being a boy. Because of a digestion-related issue that he was embarrassed about, he had to use the staff restroom and that’s where she confused him. The parents sued the district for nearly $1 million in damages. They accused the school of false imprisonment, negligence and the intentional infliction of emotional distress. You can find this report on the Statesman Journal. The lawsuit was filed in Marion County Circuit Court.

The children are being exposed to overtly sexual situations in school now. Exposed and brainwashed.

Those who are adults, you do you. You be that man, woman, alien, cat or dog. Just try and keep it on your own terms though. Don’t force me to accept it.

For children, how about we let them be children before forcing them to make life altering decisions before they even hit puberty?

Let the children be children.

How does this make you feel? Let us know below in the comments or in the community.

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