Review: Sharkmouth Tactical MOLLE Hydration Pack Backpack 900D

Sharkmouth MOLLE Pack

Sharkmouth Tactical MOLLE Hydration Pack Backpack 900D

Product: Hydration Pack
Company: Sharkmouth

Sharkmouth MOLLE Pack


This is a great product for the price, which is very reasonable. The 2 liter bladder keeps your water nice and cool, the pack is comfortable to wear, and straps are easily adjustable. It’s great for your daily run, hiking or cycling.
The downfall? It’s made in China. I’ll give them 2 stars for Patriotism for having the USA thin blue line flag patch, but it’s time to move your manufacturing out of China.


The biggest problem I have when doing cardio is being thirsty. REALLY thirsty. I tried running without my water bottles. That was a NIGHTMARE. Big no, no. So I bought a running belt. (Think fanny pack with water bottles) I like it. It’s great for short runs because it doesn’t hold as much water.

Enter the Sharkmouth tactical molle hydration pack backpack.

My birthday was a few days ago. (If anyone tells you not to get a woman workout gear for her birthday laugh in their faces. I LOVE WORKOUT GEAR!) The hubby has this knack for knowing what to get me and what I really need. He got me the hydration pack. It’s amazing and we can both use it!

The first use was by hubby in Ohiopyle. We did a nice easy hike with the kids and the dog. We were a bit nervous that we would run out of water, that’s a big negative. 2 liters is a lot more than you would think. It fit hubby great and holds all the essentials one would need for a hike in the wilderness.

Second use was by me today. Despite another heat wave rolling through here I decided to go for my run outside. The fanny pack water bottles would not have been enough today. While I didn’t go for my full 5 outside and only made it 3.78 miles, the hydration pack was amazing! You definitely have to make sure you tighten the straps just right. Too tight and your stomach is going to hurt. Too loose and it will rub against your neck and that is very uncomfortable.

Review: Sharkmouth Tactical MOLLE Hydration Pack Backpack 900D

Once you have everything adjusted correctly, it’s really comfortable.

The Sharkmouth has a 2 liter leak-proof Water bladder. It will keep your water cool for up to 4 hours. (I even added ice to mine). It’s great for hiking, cycling, running, and hunting. My favorite thing about it? The American thin blue line flag patch.

Also, the bladder allows you to easily unscrew and detach the drinking hose for cleaning.

If you’re into running or hiking, I definitely recommend this product. There are a few color options to choose from, if you don’t like the jungle digi color.

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