New Personal Record!

From Fat Mom to Trim Mom

Today was my first outdoor run in a week.

I twisted the knee last week and was babying it on the treadmill.

I pushed it today.

I’m glad I did! Hit a new running PR!

New Personal Record! June 7th

Almost 5 1/2 miles.

If you told me three months ago my go to running distance would be 5+ miles, I would have laughed at you.

Now? Hmmm…. How much forget can I go?

I’m starting to experience that runners high. For me it hits around mile 3 1/2-4. The initial push back from my body of not wanting to move and the soreness in the muscles goes away and is replaced with this intoxicating feeling of awesome. The dull acute isn’t so bothersome. The feeling of pushing it harder and harder feels good.

Perhaps I’ll shoot for 6 miles by next week.

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