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But you’re fat?

But you’re fat?
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I’m a plus size gal. A few months ago I was much more plus size than now, but I’m still plus size.

Over the past two months I have really got into running, if you couldn’t tell from my posts.

I’m not a skinny runner. Let me say that again, I’m not skinny.

Why does that matter? I’ll tell you.

I was at work the other week talking and I mentioned that I was going to go for a run after work. I enjoy running after work to help unwind. Someone looks at me and says, “You run?”

Me: Yes.

Them: Oh. How often? Once a week or something?

Me: No. Usually 5-7 days a week. Usually 3-5 miles per run.

Que dirty look on their face.

Me: Why?

Them: Well, not to sound rude, but you’re fat.

Que major eye roll from me.

Me: What’s your point?

Them: How can you say you run and be fat?

Okay, let’s look at it from this point, if you run….you’re a runner. I don’t run marathons. I don’t run races. But I lace up my sneakers and I run.

Do you have to be skinny to run? No. Can you be? You can be any size.

I am a runner. I love it. Am I ashamed of my size? I used to be. I used to hate myself. I don’t anymore. I’m getting healthier and stronger everyday. I will keep going no matter what looks I get. I will keep going no matter what someone thinks.

I run for the other people who are ridiculed for their size. I run for those who get the dirty looks too. I run for me. I run for you.

Do you want to run? Do it. Do you want to tell someone to shove it who makes that comment about you being active? Tell them to shove it. Tell them to suck a big ol’ floppy one and keep moving.

It can hurt when someone criticizes you for working out and bettering yourself. They don’t know what you’ve been through so far.

You. Are. Strong.

Please tell us about any stories you may have like this in the comments below or the forums.

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