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The gyms are still closed. It’s going on 3 months. Our area is moving to “Green” phase next month. Meaning our government overlords are allowing gyms to open at 50% capacity.


Only 50% capacity? Which means that there will be people turned away at the doors.

Hmm. That’s a problem.

What’s a gal to do?

Well the hubs and I went to the extreme and built a home gym. He built a home gym…I just use it.

But what if you can’t build a home gym? What if you can’t clear the crap out of your garage that we’d been meaning to throw out? What to do?

There are some body weight workouts and workouts with minimum equipment to hold ya over till you can get into the gym.


Get those running shoes on and hit the road! The easiest way to get a workout in. I started running in March shortly after the gym closed. I was going CRAZY not having any cardio what so ever. So I laced up the sneakers, downloaded MapMyRun and explored my neighborhood. I built myself up to a 5 mile run 3 days a week and 2-3 mile runs the other 4. It’s a nice relaxing time.

Squats and lunges

Grab some gallon jugs, fill them with water, and squat/lunge away! They’re not weights, but they do have weight. It can be a bit of an add on to body weight squats and lunges. (I hate lunges btw)


Ohhhh the core. Gotta work the core. Did you know you could hurt your back running without a strong core? I didn’t…then I hurt my back. So I started working on the core a bit more. Time yourself and get to planking. I’m up to 4 sets of planking at 1 minute each. Longest 4 minutes EVER.


Yeah, basic. Simple. Hard. Do them pushups.

Burpees and moutain climbers.

Some great HIIT options you can do while watching The Office again.

It’s not a lot. It’s not going to make you bulk up like the Hulk, but it’ll keep you moving until you can get back into the gym. It’ll keep your heart rate up. It’ll help keep you active.

Let us know what you do in your home gym in the comments, forums or even in any of the workout groups.

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