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Today was the first day I’ve ran in three days. I’m still a big girl so pounding that pavement finally caught up to me and I ended up hurting my hip and leg early this week.

Fortunately, the Nordictrack that my husband bought was delivered yesterday. This is the T Series 6.5S, in case you wanted to purchase one yourself.


Ignore my big green cup, my under armour water bottle is currently MIA.


I decided to get on it today, with the cushioning setting on.

Holy sweet baby Jeebus. My run was awesome today. The hip and knee were definitely sore, but I did not have the excruciating pain that I felt when I ran on Wednesday. Nope. It felt great.

I was able to push my pace and time.

A Break From the Pavement

My first run. It was great.

My favorite part though? I was able to stay home to do my entire workout. (Cardio and weights. I’ll discuss the Bowflex Blaze later.) Will the treadmill be my primary means of cardio? No, once my hip and knee aren’t hurting I’ll get back out to running my neighborhood.

The settings are pretty easy to use. You have the option to choose how you want to run. You can focus on time, calories, intensity, speed, or go manual. I chose the speed for my 4 miles. It was a nice way to push myself harder than I usually do when I’m outside running.

It was definitely a great investment for our combined health journey.

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