Is My Mind Changing?

From Fat Mom to Trim Mom

If you’ve read any of my previous posts you’ll see that I have been running pretty steadily for the past three-four weeks.

I’ve never been a runner. I have always HATED just the idea of running. Everything hurts. Your lungs feel like they’re on fire. Running sucks.

I’ve ran 61.3 miles in the past 4 weeks. That’s a bit over 15 miles a week.

I’m not fast. I do tend to just chug along at a rather slow pace. (I’m at 13 minute miles) But something is changing. My mind isn’t as opposed to a daily run as it once was. My one miles turned into two and they’re slowly turning into three.

I’m okay with that.

But….but you’re fat!


Yes, I know. I don’t have the slender body of your typical runner. Hell, I don’t run. I slow jog. 4.8 miles per hour is my average pace. I’ve slowly been learning to love myself despite the fact my husband frequently catches me scowling at my reflection in the mirror in our hallway. I’m exploring with clothing. I’m being more confident.

It’s funny the way people look at you when you’re overweight and you say you run. The cynical look. The rolled eyes. The reminder that you’re overweight. (Apparently us big girls can’t run?)

Like I’ve been saying, in order to improve yourself you must love yourself.

I’m learning to love running. The solitude. The feeling of how my muscles ache afterward.

My mind is changing.

Let us know if your mind has ever changed about running or any other lifestyle changes below or in the forums or groups.

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