But I’ll Bulk Up!

From Fat Mom to Trim Mom

Weight training is such an important part of working out. I see so many of my friends who do two things. Starve themselves and cardio.

Don’t do that.

  1. Starving yourself is not going to last. Eventually you will eat, you’re body will be in starvation mode and all of that fat will be stored away and you’ll end back up where you were. Work in a calorie deficit, not in starvation.
  2. Only doing cardio will make you slim, but it’s not going to make you lean or help you build that much needed muscle plus you burn more fat when you strength train.

It’s so true. When you strength train you are literally tearing your muscles apart. They are ripping and tearing which requires energy to repair. This equates to more calories being burned off long after that strength training session is over.

Strength training can help alleviate running aches and pains. Seriously.

When I first started running my hips hurt, I had horrendous back pain, knee pain, you name it. It all hurt. As I increased my strength training the pains subsided quite a bit, especially that back pain. The stronger the core and muscles are, the easier it will be to run.

There are women who end up bulking up; however, those women are probably taking additional supplements to aid in muscle gain.

Be sure to hit the weights when you’re at the gym to add into your workout. Don’t stop cardio, but don’t rely on just cardio. A well rounded workout is going to be extremely beneficial to not just your weight loss, toning journey but also to your overall health.

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