Youtube Proves It'S Not For The Independent Creator Anymore
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“When one side only of a story is heard and often repeated, the human mind becomes impressed with it insensibly.”

— George Washington’s Letter to Edmund Pendleton | THURSDAY, JANUARY 22, 1795
Nazis, Alt-Right and Bigots, Oh My!

Let’s face it. We knew YouTube was slowly going down this road, but now they have proven they aren’t going back. YouTube is for the BIG media companies now. They aren’t for you.

You’ll read plenty of articles on the internet that say that this is all because of those damn Nazis and bigots. They’ll tell you that the “conspiracy theorists” and those who question anything have got to go. Or, that they need to be demonetized.

We’ll see exactly who all is included in this latest and possibly last major purge, but we all know it’s typically Conservatives, those on the right or even those on the left that maybe don’t think the way Progressives Regressives do.

Our train of thought here at Offensively Patriotic is that you should be able to say and think however you want. Want to be racist? Fine. But, be warned that you open yourself up to showing your true colors and those who don’t want to see your racism on their screen can simply block you. However, this isn’t about racism. This is about goal posts moving and terms changing when a little skinny, gay Latino (or anyone else for that matter) becomes a cry-bully.

Vox, Carlos Maza and Steven Crowder

It seems we have our latest YouTube Adpocalypse (#VoxAdpocalypse) all thanks to Carlos Maza. This little guy apparently received packages of hurt feelings by the simple jokes Crowder made of him. Crowder IS an entertainer/comedian and not a journalist or newscaster. This is what he does. It’s no different than a late night talk show host doing the same thing.

Granted, this is from a few years ago, but Jimmy Kimmel has never had to apologize or be demonetized. He’s a part of the “special” class of people. Myself, I don’t want that. Especially not with comedy acts.

Carlos Maza, known as @gaywonk on Twitter, seems to have an issue when people call him gay, or Latino or even “lispy.” Hey, Carlos, you aren’t an untouchable person from off the street that doesn’t want to be in the spotlight. YOU placed yourself into the spotlight and made yourself a reachable target. This is, as they used to say, showbiz.

However, per the usual with the Liberals, Mr. Maza likes to be a hypocrite. Not only does he whine and moan about things easily ignored, he also likes to chant for violence, battery and assault against those he disagrees with.

Uh, yeah. That’s still assault there, Carlos.

YouTube and Mainstream Media

Listen, in case you haven’t heard, mainstream media is on it’s last legs. That’s right. It’s on it’s way out. It has failed. It has failed due to biased, far-leftists taking over. These so-called “journalists” have adopted the ideas of Globalism over Nationalism.

They also have taken the “clickbait” internet formula to television and mixed it with propaganda and interventionism to create their own story. They no longer want to show you what’s happening. They want to control what’s happening. Not only that, but due to their far-left agenda, their stories have become fuel to burn down or hurt anyone not in complete agreement.

We’ve seen this with the Covington Catholic High School kids, the pee dossier, Trump and Russia and many others. The media wants to be first not only on the internet, but now on television and to throw in their own bias.

This brings us to where we are with YouTube. You can find all of the videos of the mainstream media fully monetized on YouTube. Vox is included in that. They may have the image of being an independent creator, but they are fully funded by the big guys.

Vox Media (Youtuber) Investors

The mainstream media is the biggest force behind these purges of YouTube creators. They don’t care if you are gay, black, Jewish, etc. They only care about delaying their inevitable collapse. There is no bigger proof than the fact that more than just Crowder has been demonetized or even deleted.

Creator videos either demonetized or deleted from those like Revenge of the Cis, E. Michael Jones (a doctor), Jesse Lee Peterson, Mr. Allsop History (for featuring WW2 videos), The Red Elephants and more have been included in the purge. You’ll notice many of these, as usual, are Conservative or lean towards the right. Some are more moderate, but because they have speech considered to be “hate speech,” they have been included.

Hell, even the Stolen Valor channel has been deleted. Please explain that one to me. What? Is it because they showed the world the truth about Nathan Phillips’ military service? Give me a break.

Where Do We Go From Here?

The future of the internet is uncertain, but we have the opportunity to make the necessary changes before we completely lose grip. You don’t have to get on board with our social media attempt on this website, but you should go somewhere. You should move to other video creating websites. Even if President Trump and the federal government do try to correct the issues with these leftist tech firms, they will continue to find ways to control you.

What’s ironic is the way gays and other groups rally around these purges because they feel they are being slighted. These big tech firms DO NOT CARE what your little identity group is. They are using you. and once they are done crushing their competition, you will be lost and forgotten. You are only a pawn in their scheme for control, money and your mind.


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