August 5, 2021
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2 years ago

Reblogged this on The Pittsburgh Housewife.

Joe W.
Joe W.
2 years ago

Isn’t that the truth. Especially younger people today do not want to work. They want everything handed to them, As a former supervisor I can testify to this. This is also true with wealthy people. They think they have special rights. And this is not new. Survivors from the Titanic said the “First Class” passengers occupied almost all of the lifeboats. The life boats were tested with 70 large men, yet some of them went out with only 12 first class passengers because they did not want to get their cloths wrinkled! Let the third class drown, I don’t want my cloths wrinkled ! And it is only getting worse. You are correct. Me, Me, Me.

Greg Wampler
Reply to  Joe W.
2 years ago

Most people don’t realize that most oppression in human history has to do with class. Slavery wasn’t about color or race. It was about class. Good points.

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