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“A sense of entitlement is a cancerous thought process that is void of gratitude and can be deadly to our relationships.”

— Steve Maraboli
Entitled Me

We live in a world where people are becoming more me, me, me. Everyone has the victim mentality that they’ve somehow been wronged or owed things that they never earned. People believe that they deserve everything in the world.

This most likely reason comes from the fact that their parents are telling them how special and unique they are from birth.

I’m about to break all the hearts of those who think they’re special. You’re not.

You are not born special or unique. You’re not owed anything.

Want to know how to make yourself special? You work for it. Discover something. Create something. Invent something. Then you’re special.

Another reason that leads to this mentality has to do with awards. Kids are getting ribbons and awards just for showing up. You don’t even need to do anything anymore. Have you had your participation trophy today?

It’s kind of getting ridiculous.

An Example

Let me tell you a story. I come into contact with these entitled snots all the time. I do mean all the time. Pretty much every day. I won’t go into detail as to who and where. But I’ll tell you some of the entitlement that I encounter.

I work in a trauma center as the day job. We see all kinds of things throughout our day. This includes critical patients and others with just minor bumps and scrapes.

A few months ago we had someone come in for congestion. Just runny nose and a cough. Around the same time, we had a trauma arrive. For those who don’t know, traumas are critical patients. These patients take precedence over runny noses. This particular trauma was tragic. It ended up causing a bit of a wait time for those in the lobby. Usually, the wait time isn’t bad. It still wasn’t bad in this case.

I'm Special - Me, Me ,Me

As the patient in the back was clinging to life, the doctors and nurses worked fervently to save the life of this person. The runny nose person then approaches the front desk where registration sits. She proceeds to ask why there is a wait. It’s explained that we had a critical patient come in and the nurses would be out as soon as they could.

The entitlement shines through at this point. This is a quote because I’ll never forget what I heard come from this person.

“I don’t care about some other f*cking person. I’m sick. Listen to this cough. Do you see my nose? I was here first. I don’t care about that person back there. It’s not me. I want to be seen now!”

Everyone just stopped and stared at her. Unfortunately, corporations frown upon employees cursing at patients. Otherwise, I would have had some choice words for her.

She had not one care about the person dying in the back that the clinical staff was attempting to save. She could have easily bought Dayquil at the store. She could have taken any OTC drug to feel better. She didn’t do that. Instead, she went to the emergency room for her non-emergency.

Irresponsible Me

Everybody wants instant gratification. They want everything to go how they want. If it doesn’t, then you get a tantrum any three-year-old would be proud of.

Our dear friends on the left, the Liberals, seem to suffer from the disease of entitlement the most. They have a high value of themselves while looking down on pretty much everyone around them who don’t think exactly like they do. They don’t take on responsibility for their own actions. They depend on the government. They expect to be taken care of. All the while they are criticizing the right. Demanding that anyone who thinks differently is silenced.

All they think about is me, me, me.

If you liked this article, please head on over to another I wrote that has a lot of the same issues covered.

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5 years ago

Reblogged this on The Pittsburgh Housewife.

Joe W.
Joe W.
5 years ago

Isn’t that the truth. Especially younger people today do not want to work. They want everything handed to them, As a former supervisor I can testify to this. This is also true with wealthy people. They think they have special rights. And this is not new. Survivors from the Titanic said the “First Class” passengers occupied almost all of the lifeboats. The life boats were tested with 70 large men, yet some of them went out with only 12 first class passengers because they did not want to get their cloths wrinkled! Let the third class drown, I don’t want my cloths wrinkled ! And it is only getting worse. You are correct. Me, Me, Me.

Reply to  Joe W.
5 years ago

Most people don’t realize that most oppression in human history has to do with class. Slavery wasn’t about color or race. It was about class. Good points.

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