Sabotage In The Government
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Imagine a Clinton calling for sabotage, hacking the IRS, and treason. Shocking right?

No. Hillary pulling another of her desperate stunts is nothing new. This time though she’s calling on China to hack the IRS to obtain President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

Everyone knows that Killary, I mean Hillary, just doesn’t stop. She pushed for this Mueller report. Saying just wait. That’ll prove collision! No, it just proved she was guilty. (Hi, Uranium One deal). Since she didn’t get the response she was looking for she accused Mueller of being on Trump’s side, so impeach anyway.

Well, this Looney toon decides to tell China to get Trump’s tax returns from the IRS. Obviously they can’t without hacking us. So the former secretary of state is encouraging a foreign government to hack the U.S. IRS for documents she’s not entitled to see? And people want this murderous woman as president?

I think not.

Sabotage In The Government

We must not forget what Hillary has done. Benghazi. The dozens of dead bodies that seem to pop up whenever a Clinton is about to get into trouble. The conflict of interest with the Clinton foundation. The fucking emails. 2016 DNC email leak. The White House FBI files found when Bill was president.

Those are just a few

Why would anyone want a family so surrounded in controversy, scandal, and murder to continue in the White House?


Give your reasons for or against this family in the comments below, or in the forums. And read this article about voter fraud and why we think there’s sabotage at the ballot box as well.

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