• Clinton-Tied Reporter Was Found Dead in His Apartment

    Clinton-Tied Reporter Was Found Dead in His Apartment

    A Clinton-tied Reporter was Found Dead in His Apartment From an Apparent “Suicide” ABC journalist, Christopher Sign, was found dead in his Birmingham, Alabama apartment on Saturday, June 12 around 8 a.m. According to police Lt. Keith Czeskleba, it is being investigated as a suicide. Who was Christopher Sign? Sign is the journalist who broke

  • Jeffrey Epstein Suicided

    Jeffrey Epstein Suicided

    The Killing Clintons? Let’s add another body to the ‘Killing Clintons’ body count. That’s right. Jeffrey Epstein was “suicided.” Sex-trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein, was found unconscious in his cell on the morning of Saturday August 10th. It was reported that he had committed “suicide” by hanging and pronounced dead at a hospital on Saturday. His cause

  • Sabotage in the Government

    Sabotage in the Government

    Imagine a Clinton calling for sabotage, hacking the IRS, and treason. Shocking right? No. Hillary pulling another of her desperate stunts is nothing new. This time though she’s calling on China to hack the IRS to obtain President Donald Trump’s tax returns. Everyone knows that Killary, I mean Hillary, just doesn’t stop. She pushed for


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