• Best 5 Guns to Conceal Carry For Ladies

    Best 5 Guns to Conceal Carry For Ladies

    For those of us with CCP’s (Conceal Carry Permits) in States where one is needed, the most exciting thing is finding a gun that we can conceal carry. I don’t know about you other ladies but my clothes don’t allow for a lot of concealing. My pants don’t have large pockets, I don’t have a

  • Virginia 2A Rally

    Virginia 2A Rally

    On January 20th 2020, 2nd Amendment supporters from around the country converged on Richmond, Virginia to protest Governor Northam’s very illegal gun confiscation bill he’s trying to pass. DemocRat governor, Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency prior to the event stating, “We have received credible intelligence from our law enforcement agencies that there are

  • Beta’s Gun Grab

    Beta’s Gun Grab

    Debating and Gun Grabbing The DemocRATs just held another round of debates and Robert Francis O’Rourke…aka Beta, I mean Beto the Irish pretending to be Mexican candidate, has decided to screech about guns with a gun grab attempt. Particularly the “mandatory buy back” that he plans to institute if he could make it past the

  • Multiple Mass Shootings this Year Ignored

    Multiple Mass Shootings this Year Ignored

    Mass Shootings Ignored There have been multiple mass shootings this year that have not been covered by the main stream media. There is a particular reason that they weren’t covered. One reason really. It doesn’t fit their narrative of “Nazi bad” or “white man bad.” That place? Chicago. Gun Violence in Chicago On Wednesday, August

  • Where’s the Knife Bins?

    Where’s the Knife Bins?

    Blaming and Faking Before we even get to the knife bins, let’s talk about why knife bins are even a thing. We’ve been hearing a lot about white nationalists and white supremacy lately. There’s been so much talk about gun regulations, gun confiscations, and gun violence. The usual hype after mass shootings (except those in

  • It’s Not the Gun’s Fault

    It’s Not the Gun’s Fault

    Not the Guns Over the weekend of August 4th and 5th, two very evil people committed mass murders. The world lost many lives. The first thing I saw was people decrying guns. We MUST BAN GUNS!!! GUNS BAD!!! Then, almost one week later, another shooting occurred when police served a search warrant in Philadelphia. The

  • Colorado School Shooting

    Colorado School Shooting

    In the past few years we’ve seen mass shootings coming up on the news at an alarming rate. The media usually has the story on for weeks if not months. It gets to the point of being overplayed. We all hate it. We hate when crazy people go crazy. The shooting last week at Colorado

  • Shall. Not. Be. Infringed

    Shall. Not. Be. Infringed

    “The very purpose of the Second Amendment is to stop the government from disallowing people the means to defend themselves against tyranny. Any proposal to abuse executive power and infringe upon gun rights must be repelled with the stiffest legislative force possible.” — Steve Stockman Criminals Don’t Abide By Laws It seems that this is


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