Gun Control Bills
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At Least 6 Gun Control Bills Getting Markup Hearings on Thursday; Similar Bills are Also Part of an Omnibus Package

As expected, the Democrats (and a few RINOs) are going to try and push gun control bills through the House of Representatives. What wasn’t expected was just how many bills they had lined up and just how quickly they would try, as it would seem there are at least 6 separate bills and a 7th more inclusive omnibus package all getting markup hearings on Thursday, June 2.

The bills cover things like “high capacity” magazine bans, bans on “ghost guns,” NFA (National Firearms Act) expansion, a new version of the “assault weapons” ban, raising the age to own most firearms to 21, safe storage laws and more. Interestingly, some bills look to go after things that are already illegal, such as straw purchases and gun trafficking, which means they are likely sneaking in other details.

Gun Control Bills

Politicians typically go after already illegal activities because the either want to feel like they got more done without doing anything new, or to sneak new terms, definitions or other details into an old law.

To add to these new headaches, these bills look to serialize all firearms with the ability to be traced. Certain magazines will also need to be serialized and dated, which is just insane. As for bump stocks? Well, one of the bills would make them completely, federally illegal. One of the bills calls out the apparent “bump stock loophole” which is simply the ability for the current lawsuits to continue.

This bill, if passed, would nullify the lawsuits and end the discussion, once and for all. I know many don’t like to hear it, but the attack on bump stocks started under Trump after he asked the ATF to “look into them.” This is why many of us gun owners were furious over Trump. Don’t ever give them an inch.

As usual, little if anything in these bills would stop these school shootings. Little, if anything, in these bills would do what they are named after. “Protecting Our Kids Act” does little, if anything, to protect our kids. You can read the full omnibus bill, “Protecting Our Kids Act” below.

After digging through that bill, you can go through the other individual bills below.

Gun Control Bills Getting Markup Hearings on Thursday, June 2, 2022 include:

As Gun Owners of America put it, “saying you ‘did something’ is bad policy and will only strip law-abiding Americans of their rights.” Myself, and everyone here at Offensively Patriotic, can’t agree more.

And remember how I mentioned that magazines and all firearms would need to be serialized? Yeah, well… the ATF is already illegally tracking our current serialized guns and forming a registry, so there’s no arguing they won’t do the same once everything is serialized. Sad part is, as the government has been destroying our rights and expanding into the all-seeing eye that it has become, shootings still occur. Expanding the laws won’t stop anything. It’ll just make you less free, less independent and more unsafe.

Make sure to contact your representatives and let them know firmly, but professionally, how unconstitutional this is. It’s time for us gun owners to stop fighting among ourselves and collectively join together in this fight against tyranny.

Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

– Benjamin Franklin

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