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Unmasking the Illusion: The Stark Reality Behind Biden Economy and Inflated Job Numbers

In a startling revelation that cuts through the smokescreen of economic propaganda, the Philadelphia Federal Reserve has declared a massive overstatement in U.S. payroll figures by at least 800,000 jobs under the Biden administration. This bombshell information exposes the manipulative tactics of the Labor Department, casting a shadow of doubt over the integrity of the reported labor market data.

Back in the sweltering summer of 2022, the first cracks appeared, hinting at the manipulation of labor statistics. We were among the first to spot the alarming divergence between the BLS’ Establishment Survey’s inflated payroll numbers and the more trustworthy Household Survey’s employed workers count. What started as a mere 1.5 million job discrepancy ballooned into a staggering 5 million, raising eyebrows and red flags alike.

The Biden economy is not what it seems. Yeah Yeah. We knew this already, but here’s the proof.

Biden Economy
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The surge in multiple jobholders, peaking at an all-time high due to the crushing wave of Bidenomics-induced inflation, partially masked these inconsistencies. Yet, a gaping chasm in the data remained unexplained, fueling suspicion and skepticism.

The shenanigans of the Biden economy didn’t stop there. As full-time positions dwindled, the Biden administration’s skewed statistics began celebrating the rise of part-time employment, painting a distorted picture of economic health and job growth.

Biden Economy
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Fast forward to 2024, the Philadelphia Fed’s latest findings have ripped the veil off the administration’s statistical sleight of hand, confirming our worst suspicions. Initially reported in December 2022, the Fed’s meticulous analysis unveiled that the BLS had overstated job figures by a whopping 1.1 million in its previous reports.

The Philly Fed’s recent report further dissects the data, revealing state-level discrepancies and a consistent trend of overstated employment growth. The grim reality? An economic narrative artificially inflated to showcase a robust job market under Biden’s reign, now unmasked as a facade.

This revelation isn’t just about numbers; it’s a glaring testament to the deceptive depths of bureaucratic manipulation, attempting to prop up a faltering economic agenda with fabricated success stories.

So, while the White House might parade these phantom jobs as trophies of Bidenomics, we stand firm in our commitment to unmask the truth. We encourage our readers to delve into the Philadelphia Fed’s findings, armed with skepticism towards the mainstream media’s complicit silence on this egregious manipulation.

In an era where truth is often obscured by political agendas, Offensively Patriotic remains your beacon of unfiltered insight, peeling back the layers of deception to reveal the stark realities of our nation’s economic landscape.

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