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The PA Allegheny County Committee of Safety Held a Forum for Willing Candidates of the Gateway School Board Upcoming Election on May 16th, 2023

A local Committee of Safety organization in Monroeville, PA held a forum for those running for school board in the Gateway School District. Many questions were asked and most were not what you would normally hear. Typically, you’d expect very basic, easy-to-answer questions. However, with parents fed up and organizations starting to form (like committees of safety), school board members and future candidates should expect to be given tough questions. Questions about the Constitution, parent rights and God should be expected from this point forward.

Watch the video and see how the forum went.

Curious about joining or forming a Committee of Safety? You should look into one as they go back to the founding of our Nation. If you live in Allegheny County in Pennsylvania, go check out their website and see if you’d like to join them, specifically.

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