Another Norfolk Southern Train Derails Near Springfield, Ohio 1
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Norfolk Southern Cargo Train Derails Near Springfield, Ohio – Second Incident in the State Within a Month Raises Concerns About Safety and Emergency Preparedness.

Saturday evening, a cargo train belonging to Norfolk Southern experienced its second derailment in Ohio within a month. Approximately 20 cars of the 212-car train derailed near Springfield, causing alarm among local residents. However, unlike the February 3 derailment in East Palestine, there were reportedly no hazardous materials onboard, according to a company spokesperson cited by The Columbus Dispatch.

The incident occurred around 5 p.m. near the Clark County Fairgrounds by State Route 41, with the train traveling south. The derailment was witnessed by bystander Shawn Heaton, who filmed the start of the event. “When I heard the loud bang, there was all kinds of debris and metal shoot out from under the cars and that’s when I started recording and you could see them start jumping off the tracks,” Heaton told the Springfield News-Sun.

As a precaution, the Clark County Emergency Management Agency requested that residents within 1,000 feet of the derailment shelter in place, though no formal evacuation orders were issued. Officials worked to ensure that no hazardous materials were involved, with the agency providing an update at 8:50 p.m.

Another Norfolk Southern Train Derails Near Springfield, Ohio 2

The February 3 derailment in East Palestine, which was far more severe than the recent derailment near Springfield, caused widespread concern due to the hazardous materials carried by the derailed cars. Though there were no reported injuries, the situation prompted an evacuation of around half of the roughly 5,000 residents of the town, and there are lingering concerns about long-term health effects. A multigovernmental emergency response was initiated, and nearby residents in both Ohio and Pennsylvania were endangered by the incident.

In light of the two derailments in Ohio within a month involving Norfolk Southern trains, questions have been raised about the safety of the railroad company’s operations. While the recent incident did not involve hazardous materials, the derailment still caused alarm among local residents and highlights the potential dangers of cargo trains.

In response to the Springfield derailment, the Clark County Emergency Management Agency worked to ensure that there were no hazardous materials involved, indicating a heightened sense of caution following the East Palestine incident. Meanwhile, the derailment served as a reminder of the importance of emergency preparedness and response, particularly in communities near train tracks.

The Springfield Township Fire Department responded to the scene and “immediately deployed the Clark County Hazmat team to identify the scope of the incident out of an abundance of caution,” the Clark County Emergency Management Agency said. 

“There is no indication of any injuries or risk to public health at this time,” their statement said. “A crew from the owner/operator of the railway Norfolk Southern, the Clark County Hazmat team and Ohio Environmental Protection Agency each independently examined the crash site and verified there was no evidence of spillage at the site.

Another Norfolk Southern Train Derails Near Springfield, Ohio 3

Despite the risks associated with cargo trains, they remain an essential part of the US economy, transporting goods across the country. However, there have been calls for increased safety measures to prevent accidents and protect communities. The incidents in Ohio highlight the need for continued vigilance and investment in safety measures to minimize the risk of future derailments and protect the well-being of residents.

Biden Still Has Not Visited East Palestine Since Train Derailment.

When questioned if he planned on visiting the devastated community Biden said, “At this point, I’m not.” 

Instead of visiting the American community that was in need of aid, the American former vice president went to Ukraine instead.

Mayor Trent Conaway accused Biden of abandoning his domestic responsibilities.

“That was the biggest slap in the face,” Conaway told Fox News’ “Jesse Watters Primetime” on Monday night. “That tells you right now he doesn’t care about us,” the mayor continued.

“He can send every agency he wants to, but I found out this morning that he was in Ukraine giving millions of dollars away to people over there and not to us … on Presidents’ Day in our country, so I’m furious.”

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