Kanye West Purchasing Parler
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Kanye West, Ye, Comes to Agreement to Purchase Parler Just Days After Being Banned from Twitter and Other Social Media

Let me say it again. Kanye West is purchasing Parler. You read that correctly. This isn’t a joke. We’ve crossed into yet another unknown portal and crossed into another dimension.

Kanye West, who goes by Ye, is purchasing Parler. This comes just days after being banned from social media platforms like Twitter as well as banking institutions.

The current CEO of Parlement Technologies (the parent company), George Farmer, had this to say to Fox News.

“Parler needs Ye in many ways, because Parler needs this brand to expand, and I think Ye is very interested in expanding his social media presence.” Farmer went on to say that “Free speech is something that we all must strive towards. He’s very excited about this. The deal came together in short order, and we are very excited about the potential that he can bring to the platform in terms of the growth profile of the marketing operation of this platform, which he’s going to bring to it.”

Farmer also noted that the current operational standards of the platform will continue as is, but no specifics of the purchase were made public.

So, it looks like we have a bit of a social media platform craze right now what with Elon (maybe) buying Twitter, Trump’s Truth Social, Gettr, Gab and now Kanye’s Parler platform. Who would have thought ANY of this would ever happen. These are truly outrageous, curious and fun times to be alive.

Unfortunately, it looks like Kanye West is the new target for the globalists, elites and others as George Floyd’s family is looking to go after him the way Alex Jones is currently being attacked. Kanye might be sued over his remarks that George Floyd died from a fentanyl overdose. The family says this is “misinformation,” but even if it were (hint: it isn’t) people have the right to say things.

Like we always say: they first come for Alex Jones, and then everyone else.

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