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Adam Calhoun’s First Release, “Gumbo,” of His Final Rap Album, Country Rap Tunes, Sees Him Joining Forces Again with Brodnax, Demun Jones and Dusty Leigh for Another Hard Hitter

Adam Calhoun and friends are at it again with another hard track. “Gumbo” sees ACAL team up with some of his closest country rap stars in Brodnax (a.k.a. Mr. Brodnax), Demun Jones and Dusty Leigh. Yep, the same guys on tour together came up with another track for Calhoun’s final rap album titled Country Rap Tunes (a throwback to Tow Down’s 2000 track, “Country Rap Tune,” featuring Big Hawk and Big Pokey)

Speaking of the next album title, it seems like ACAL is indeed embracing the “Country Rapper” title he’s been given by so many as he noted in a recent interview with ChadAmresTV. In the interview, Calhoun notes how he never really liked that label because he always considered himself more of an old school, hardcore/hip-hop rapper that came up from the streets of Chicago. However, he’s now taking on the “Country Rap” moniker and going full steam ahead with this final rap album. You can see the full 2 hour interview below.

ACAL also just announced that the Country Rap Tour’s second leg will be starting up soon that will focus on the Western half of the United States. We wrote about how awesome the experience was at the Warrendale, PA show. I highly suggest trying to get to a show, if you can.

It’s also fitting that both “Gumbo” and Country Rap Tunes release before that second half of the tour begins as the tour also includes Brodnax, Demun and Dusty. Check out that tour announcement below.

I’ve always respected Adam and all of the many different albums he’s put out. The track “Gumbo” proves that this final rap album will be a hard hitter (as if there were any questions). Ultimately, I want to know what you think. Do you like the country rap or the 90’s hardcore/hip-hop style more? Let us know in the comments below.

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