Adam Calhoun'S Country Rap Tour
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Offensively Patriotic experienced the awesomeness that was Adam Calhoun’s Country Rap tour.

I’m not sure how to convey how awesome Adam Calhoun’s Country Rap Tour was but it was one of the best events I’ve been to this year. Headlining was our favorite music artist Adam Calhoun, joined by the incredible Demun Jones, the awesome Brodnax, and Dusty Leigh.

We headed out to Jergel’s this past weekend for the Pittsburgh stop on the tour and boy, it is out in the middle of nowhere.


The line to get in stretched across the parking lot in the dreary, hot rain. We pulled in and the first thing I said seeing that line was “holy fuck.” Thankfully the staff were efficient and it moved rather quickly.

As our IDs were checked at the door, we found out that the show was sold out. They expected 600 people to pack into the music venue.

Walking through the doors you could head off to the left to a small dining area, go straight ahead to where the stage was, or off to the right into the bar. I made a beeline right for the stage. While we weren’t nearly as close as I would have liked to be, we were close enough to get wet from Calhoun’s water bottle.

We stood around, sipping drinks from the bar waiting around for the main event which did not disappoint.

The stage area quickly filled up, as did every seat in the house. When the house lights dimmed, the stage lights came to life, and Dusty Leigh could be heard on the speakers the place went crazy.

While we’re not the biggest Dusty Leigh fans, I’d actually never heard of him before the announcement of the tour, he was pretty good.

One thing that was really annoying though, between each set was a 30-minute break of standing around while the crew set up for the next artist. They kept the mood up though with some good ol’ favorites that we all know and love like Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey for everybody to sing along to. Awesome between set music and the alcohol kept things moving smoothly.

Which, a huge shout out to the stage crew for making the transitions between everyone move so smoothly and quickly. At least to us in the crowd, it seemed to move smoothly.

One of the teenagers we took with us lost his mind when Brodnax came through the speakers. The entire crowd lost their minds when he came on stage. He kept us moving, dancing, screaming, and singing along.

There was a slight sound issue, not their fault, that gave him time to talk to the crowd and crack a few jokes. His presence on stage is incredible. He knew how to work the crowd and flow from one song to the next smoothly.


Brodnax’s set 100% did not last long enough. It felt like as soon as he started he was already finished and we were waiting for Demun Jones.

Now, the teenager loves Demun Jones too. I’m pretty sure his mind was just blown from Brodnax on, honestly.

Once the stage was ready, the smoke started, the lights started, and out came Demun Jones in his straw-hatted glory. He got us even more fired up, encouraging us to sing along with him and pulling people up on stage.

It was incredible!

The best part was the last song he sang for the night. Feeling Good. It’s my favorite of his. Top of my workout playlist.

He tossed shirts into the crowd, pumped everyone up, and had us bumping with the music.

Now…there was only ONE person left. The main reason we went. The person we’ve been waiting for!

Adam Calhoun knows how to make an entrance.

Watch on Rumble or Odysee

The place was jumping as he got right into the music….and the best part….he started tossing beer out to the crowd.

Of course, he rapped his most controversial song ever. Racism. Which everyone sang along to.

Everybody went nuts! The packed Jergels collectively lost their minds the more he performed.

As the night came to an end sadly, Calhoun, Demun Jones, Brodnax, and Dusty Leigh took to the stage for one final song.

I was fully expecting to rush out right after, but no. As we were leaving Brodnax was at his table which we walked right past. I got a handshake, one of our other team members got a fist bump and one of the teenagers got a fist bump which completely geeked him out.

All in all, the show was incredible. There was not a single disappointing moment and we can’t wait till he tours again. Maybe next time we’ll see if we can get an interview!

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