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Rapper and Artist, Mesus, Releases Another Hard Anti-Government Track and Video, G.O.D. (Government Ordained Discipline); Reminds the Government, and Anyone Else That Needs to Hear, They Aren’t God

Mesus is back again with another future favorite for the masses who are fed up with the government playing God. Mesus touches on basically everything this tyrannical government has been doing while playing God over the last few years. G.O.D. (Government Ordained Discipline) is about the forced discipline coming from Washington and their tyranny over your body, your family, your business and the coward in the White House known as, Hidin’ Biden.

Fell out attendance using movies, then we live the sequel. Resident Evil real, that’s why me and mine at the steeple.”

Mesus, G.O.D. (Government Ordained Discipline)

Watch the video and see if this ranks up there on your list of favorite Mesus tracks or even indie rap songs in general.

G.o.d. (Government Ordained Discipline)

“No. Don’t do that. Don’t do that. Don’t do that. You playin’ God, home-boy. Don’t do that.” Mesus proclaims while adding that “my Bible warned me about the days we’re livin’ in.” So true and so sad we’ve allowed the government to get this out of control, and there are STILL so many asleep.

Keep the tracks coming, Mesus.

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