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The Canadian Parliament decided on Monday to extend the Emergencies Act that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau enacted for another 30 days despite police violently removing Freedom Convoy protesters.

“This state of emergency is not over. There continue to be real concerns about the coming days,” Trudeau said on Monday, claiming there were signs the Freedom Convoy truckers could regroup and return to Ottawa.

“People [are] out there indicating that they are ready to blockade, to continue their illegal occupations to disrupt Canadians’ lives. We feel that this measure needs to remain in place,” he said.

“Invoking the Emergencies Act has been necessary. Law enforcement agencies relied on it to set up secured areas in downtown Ottawa and at border crossings. It prevented foreign money from continuing to fund illegal blockades, and it’s making sure our borders remain open. It has been the responsible thing to do,” he argued.

Trudeau claimed that the Emergencies Act was needed to help his “police” gain more tools to restore order.

Canadian Parliament

A Romanian-born trucker in Canada was brutally beaten by Ottawa City police after peacefully surrendering to them over the weekend, he told Tucker Carlson on Monday.

“I got down from my truck, I went down right on my knee, I put my hands behind my head,” Vizi told “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “I was waiting for them to take me away. In that moment, the police officers – they start to punch me with those sticks, they were yelling to me, ‘go back, go back.’ And I just told them, ‘hey, I’m the driver.’ 

It would seem the extra help the police needed was permission to trample and beat the peaceful protesters in Ottawa.

“You can’t harass your fellow citizens who disagree with you. You can’t hold a city hostage. You can’t block a critical trade corridor and deprive people of their jobs,” he said while insisting he still respects the right of Canadians to criticize his policies.

That is exactly what the truckers and others who joined the Freedom Convoy were doing. Peacefully criticizing his policies in the only way that the wanna-be dictator would understand. Protesting.

Trudeau never bothered to meet with the leaders of the Freedom Convoy. Instead, he ran away and sent in his SS Guard to beat citizens.

During his speech, he even questioned how patriotic lawmakers were who would defy him. He said that their opposition indicates “they don’t trust the government to make incredibly momentous and important decisions at a very difficult time.”

The emergency powers were extended in a 185-151 vote. The extension was expected given that Opposition New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh said the move was supported by his party.

“This is an attack on our democracy. This is a group of folks who are very clearly connected to the extreme right-wing. The organizers clearly have a goal in mind to undermine democracy. That’s something we can’t allow to continue,” Singh said of the protests.

Extreme right-wing? Undermine democracy? That is absolutely not what the Freedom Convoy was or is about. That’s not what any of it was about. The Freedom Convoy was about just what the name says, freedom. People want freedom from mob rule. People want freedom from governmental mandates about what to do with their bodies. The people want the freedom to make their own decisions regarding their health.

The fact that these governments have brainwashed the smooth-brained to the point that they view freedom as bad is a sad fact. The governments have deemed those who want freedom as terrorists.

I’m pretty sure that our founding fathers would have been deemed terrorists for wanting their freedom too.

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