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Colorado Elementary School Segregates Playground For 'Families Of Color' 1
Colorado Elementary School Segregates Playground For 'Families Of Color' 2
Colorado Elementary School Segregates Playground For 'Families Of Color' 3


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Colorado Elementary School Segregates Playground For ‘Families Of Color’

Colorado Elementary School Segregates Playground For ‘Families Of Color’
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A Colorado Elementary School, The Centennial Elementary School, in Denver, Colorado has sparked outrage after planning to host recurring “families of color playground night”.

The Colorado elementary school decided that the best way to promote equity was to have segregated playtime for families.

Conservative journalist Christopher Rufo has called the incident ‘racially-segregated playtime’.’ And he’s not wrong.

Rufo, one of the nation’s leading anti-critical race theory activists, told Fox that the event was ‘racism under the guise of equity’ and joined a growing number of people on social media calling on the school to terminate the program.

According to Rufo, school staff said the event was organized by its “Dean of Culture” Nicole Tembrock. “The event was [canceled] due to COVID protocols, but they plan to reschedule in the new year,” he added.

According to a spokesperson for the Denver Public Schools:

“Our school leaders met with some of the black families whose children attend our school to determine ways for these families to feel more included in our school community,” the spokesperson told the outlet. “Some of these families shared with us that, since the only time many of them see one another is at drop-off and pick-up times, we host some events where black families can meet one another, connect with one another, and share their experiences about the school with one another. We are honoring their request. All families are welcome to attend all of our events, and families from a variety of backgrounds have done so.”

Dave Kopel, a law professor at Denver University, tweeted about the event and said that such a meeting might be in violation of the Colorado state constitution, which prohibits discrimination based on race or color.

Kopel wrote, “In violation of Colo. Const. art. IX, sec. 8: ‘nor shall any distinction or classification of pupils be made on account of race or color.'”

Republican Senate Candidate Gino Campana said U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet needs to “once and for all condemn critical race theory” before adding that Bennett once served as Superintendent for Denver Public Schools.

Senator Michael Bennet needs to once and for all condemn critical race theory and the segregationist ‘Families of Color Playground Night’ policy that has resulted inside the Denver Public Schools system where he served as the Superintendent of Public Schools. We don’t separate children by the color of their skin in this country and Senator Bennet needs to stand up to his colleagues and tell them to stop teaching radical racist policies to the next generation of Coloradans. The racist thinking that has taken hold at Denver Public Schools is dangerous and every second that passes without public condemnation from Senator Bennet is an insult to students and parents of every race.

Colorado Elementary School

The school’s website claims, “In addition [to The Equity Experience], many of our staff have participated in Creating Connections and a CRT and the Brain Study group through DPS.”

We all know the problems with CRT. It’s not healthy in creating an inclusive environment for all students. Especially when the teacher is preaching about one specific skin color being bad.

Our public school system needs a complete overhaul. The socialists and Marxists have their sticky fingers all through the educational system and it’s creating an unhealthy environment for our children. It’s toxic and the government needs to be removed from having an unhealthy control as well.

There is more than the perceived ‘equity’ problem. This year we’ve seen so many schools with a serious sexual assault problem as well.

Stand up for your children. Stop CRT. Stop the hatred that seems to infest the schools. Don’t stop speaking out about keeping your little ones safe.

Vote out the politicians who refuse to help.

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Colorado Elementary School Segregates Playground For 'Families Of Color' 5
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