Private Jets At Cop26Private Jets at COP26
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Global elites and world leaders headed to the United Nation’s COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland in all of their private jets. Hypocritical when they took to stages and preached in front of reporters the evils of carbon.

The United Nation’s COP26 was a very high-profile climate change summit where an estimated 400 private jets were flown in with elites, such as Jeff Bezos, Prince Charles, Boris Johnson, Former Vice President Joe Biden, Bill Gates, and many others preparing to discuss policies on the “global-warming crisis” and how they can stop it from worsening.

Maybe those 400 private jets are a problem.

Environmentalists are rightfully angry as those private jets, again owned by elitists and world leaders filled Glasgow’s local airfields.

Former Vice President Joe Biden flew into Scotland on Air Force One after attending the G20 summit in Italy and meeting Pope Francis in Vatican City and was escorted by an 85-car caravan to discuss the evils of “global” warming in Glasgow.


His carbon footprint in the past week is bigger than mine over the past 36 years.

Former Vice President Joe Biden wasn’t the only elite who was galavanting around the globe before preaching the evils of galavanting around the globe. Jeff Bezos spent the week prior to the United Nation’s COP26 even on a $2 million-a-week superyacht off the coast of Turkey celebrating Bill Gates birthday.

But remember, your carbon footprint is way too big. Not theirs. Yours.

The global elites and leaders are sitting around lecturing us about the sacrifices that we need to make in our lives while causing more damage to the planet in a few days than any of us could in a lifetime.

The dictator to the north of us, Justin Trudeau arrived on “Can Force One,” a Canadian Royal Air Force CC-150 Polaris aircraft that’s the military variant of the Airbus A310-300.

Virtual and zoom conferences weren’t an option for the global elites who wish to control everything we do?

From MSN: Of the 53,374 metric tons of CO2 produced on average by the COP23, COP24 and COP25 events, which were held respectively, in Bonn, Germany, Katowice, Poland and Madrid, Spain, 45,264 metric tons came from air travel, the Financial Times report shows.

Hotel stays accounted for 4,220 metric tons, while 2,135 metric tons came from heat and electricity for the conference venues, and 616 from local transport, plus 1,139 from “other” sources, the report details.

Prince Charles, Prince William, and Kate were also in attendance. The royal family is always spouting off about global warming and how peasants can make those sacrifices in their lives while they jet around the world.

The royals frequently travel across the globe to attend events, and according to the Eco-expert, they have a combined carbon footprint of up to 3,810 tonnes a year.

In contrast, the average Briton’s annual carbon footprint is just 10 tonnes.

In 2019 alone Charles took 22 trips, using his private jet 17 times. It’s estimated that his traveling alone released a massive 432.3 tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere.

Perhaps if these people who are so concerned about climate change actually acted like it in their personal lives people would think of them as nothing more than a talking head spouting off nonsense.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett chartered a commercial aircraft from El Al Israel Airlines for the journey to Scotland.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida arrived on the country’s new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

But remember, you driving to and from work and going on vacation is what’s going to kill the planet. Not the constant jet setting of the leaders of the world and the elites.

You are the problem.

Rules for thee, not for me seems to be a perfect slogan for them.

Boris Johnson opened the United Nation’s COP26 event by telling delegates we are currently ‘quilting the earth in an invisible and suffocating blanket of CO2, raising the temperature of the planet with a speed and abruptness that is entirely man-made’.

Do you mean the blanket of CO2 they created with their 400 private jets?

Again, teleconference?

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