Hazard High School
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During a homecoming assembly at Hazard High School students gave lap dances to staff members, including the principal who happens to be the town Mayor.

The students were dressed very provocatively as they approached a group of middle-aged men, one of those men being the school principal who happens to be the town mayor, to give them lap dances while a group of girls dressed in Hooters costumes pranced across the gym.

There is now an investigation underway to find out why the school staff allowed such an inappropriate activity to occur.

According to the Courier Journal, “The superintendent of Hazard Independent Schools said “appropriate disciplinary action has been taken” after photos surfaced showing students giving lap dances to staff and wearing scant clothing Tuesday as part of Hazard High School’s homecoming week festivities in Eastern Kentucky.

Hazard High School Principal Donald “Happy” Mobelini, who is also mayor of the Perry County city, was one of the adults who received a lap dance from an underage male wearing lingerie in the middle of the school day.

Sondra Combs, superintendent of Hazard Independent Schools, told The Courier Journal the district “has a tradition of excellence and academics and everything we do, but the incident is being investigated and once the investigation is complete, appropriate action will be taken.”

Mobelini was under investigation in 2008, when photos posted to Facebook showed him driving while his daughter and four of her teenage friends drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes in the vehicle.

The students and Mobelini all told district officials the principal did not know the girls had alcohol and were drinking, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported at the time.

The principal also came under scrutiny during another incident in 2008, according to the Herald-Leader, when police charged 12 underage students with alcohol intoxication after they were found drinking on the Hazard High School football field.

Mobelini reportedly was with the students about 30 minutes before Hazard police arrived at the football field and found hard liquor and beer, but he said the students had not been drinking when he was still there.

According to the Herald-Leader, no charges were filed against him at the time.

This man has a record of bad behavior and yet he continues to not only be the school principal but the mayor. This is yet another reason to pull your children from the corrupt and evil school system.

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