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A San Antonio man took video of a pharmacist at Walgreens refusing to fill his doctor Ivermectin prescription

“I had a prescription for ivermectin to pick up,” the man filming told a pharmacist.

“There’s no ivermectin for Covid,” the pharmacist quickly replied.

The individual filming argued, “I have a licensed doctor that prescribed that to me.”

The pharmacist repeated, “We will not fill ivermectin for Covid.”

“You have no right to be in between a patient and a doctor. You’re not a doctor, you’re a pharmacist,” the man told the Walgreens employee.

The pharmacist told the customer, “Ivermectin is not authorized for Covid,” and that while it’s FDA approved, the agency hasn’t approved it for Covid.

According to the FDA website, “If your health care provider writes you an ivermectin prescription, fill it through a legitimate source such as a pharmacy, and take it exactly as prescribed.”Professional bodybuilder Marc Lobliner commented on the incident in a viral video.

While there is still a lot of debate surrounding Ivermectin prescription being used for Covid, that is a decision left up to a patient and their doctor. Not for the pharmacist to decide on his/her own. Like the man in the video said, they’re not doctors. They are pharmacists.

This isn’t an isolated case. Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) is also an anesthesiologist and has prescribed Ivermectin to treat Covid for his patients.

Andy Harris
Washington, Dc – April 03: Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md) Questions Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta As He Testifies During A House Appropriations Committee Hearing On The Labor Budget For Fiscal Year 2020, On Capitol Hill On April 3, 2019 In Washington, Dc. (Photo By Al Drago/Getty Images)

“I have prescribed ivermectin as a treatment for early COVID,” Harris told local outlets WBAL-TV 11 and FOX 5 last week. “Data from India and elsewhere supports that off-label use. Off-label prescribing is commonly done for many medical illnesses.”

“I wrote a prescription for ivermectin, I guess it’s now three weeks ago, four weeks ago, and yeah, couldn’t find a pharmacy to fill it,” Harris said. “It’s gotten bad. .?.?. The pharmacists are just refusing to fill it.”

You would think that a doctor knows what is best for their patients and not a random person behind a counter. Despite the apparently strong feelings that these pharmacists have, NIH is evaluating if this particular drug can be used for Covid.

Pharmacy Refuses To Fill Ivermectin Prescription 1
Pharmacy Refuses To Fill Ivermectin Prescription 2

A Marine Corps veteran and his wife are suing Walmart after a pharmacist in Albert Lea, Minnesota refused to fill their prescription for Ivermectin to treat Covid-19, which they are both suffering from.

Bill Salier appeared on the “Steve Deace Show” to share what happened. Salier told Deace that he began feeling sick on Oct. 1, and tested positive for COVID-19 a few days later. After his diagnosis, Salier said he attempted to receive monoclonal antibody treatments through the Minnesota Resource Allocation, but his requests were ignored.

“We never so much as heard a word back, not even in acknowledgment that the requests had been put in,” he said.

Salier said he then went to a clinic that had one monoclonal treatment, but they were saving it for a more severe case. When he asked about Ivermectin, the clinic refused because it was not cleared by the FDA.

Deace helped Salier find a doctor who would treat him and his wife. After a teleconference call, the doctor prescribed a regimen of medication for the couple to take.

Salier said his prescription was sent to his local Walmart in Albert Lea, Minnesota, but the pharmacist refused to fill it.

Should pharmacists have the right to refuse to fill potentially life-saving medication to patients despite their doctor’s orders? Should they have the right to counter what a doctor has prescribed for their patient? The pharmacist usually doesn’t know a patient as well as a doctor or have that relationship that patients tend to build with their doctors.

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